Prizes & Awards

Francis Slack Award

The Francis G. Slack Award was created by the Southeastern Section of the American Physical Society to honor Excellence in Service to Physics in the Southeast.

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George B. Pegram Award

The George B. Pegram Award, first awarded in 1971, was created by the Southeastern Section of the American Physical Society to honor “Excellence in the Teaching of Physics in the Southeast.”

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Jesse W. Beams Award

The Jesse W. Beams Research Award, first presented in 1973, was established by the Southeastern Section of the American Physical Society to recognize especially significant or meritorious research in physics, the major portion of which was carried out while the recipient was resident in the SESAPS region.

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Award Donations

The three awards presented by the Southeastern Section rely on member contributions to sustain them. Many members of the section have made previous donations for the Jesse Beams Award, the George Pegram Award, and the Francis Slack Award.

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2020 Pegram, Slack, and Beams Award Winners

Pegram Award winner: Dr. Chad Sosolik, Clemson University


"The George B. Pegram Award for Excellence in the Teaching of Physics in the Southeast is presented to Dr. Chad Sosolik of Clemson University for excellence in teaching physics complemented by strong outreach efforts impacting the local community of students and teachers"

Slack Award winner: Prof. Eric Weeks, Emory University


"For demonstrated excellence in service to the physics community of the Southeast through his success in organizing the Southeast Soft Matter community, and cofounding the Southeast Meeting on Soft Matter. Dr. Weeks has brought increased recognition to Physics in the Atlanta area, establishing a flourishing culture of research and collaboration. In addition to founding and running the Science Education Research Journal Club at Emory for ten years, under his stewardship, the Emory research portfolio increased more than two-fold."

Beams Award winner: Prof. S. Joseph Poon, University of Virginia


"In recognition of his keen physical insights and significant contributions to a broad range of topics in experimental materials physics. These include groundbreaking work on the first aluminum-based and nonmagnetic iron-based metallic glasses, novel work on alloy quasicrystalline phases and nano-crystalline aluminum alloys, and work in thermoelectric materials."

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