Prizes & Awards

Francis Slack Award

The Francis G. Slack Award was created by the Southeastern Section of the American Physical Society to honor Excellence in Service to Physics in the Southeast.

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George B. Pegram Award

The George B. Pegram Award, first awarded in 1971, was created by the Southeastern Section of the American Physical Society to honor “Excellence in the Teaching of Physics in the Southeast.”

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Jesse W. Beams Award

The Jesse W. Beams Research Award, first presented in 1973, was established by the Southeastern Section of the American Physical Society to recognize especially significant or meritorious research in physics, the major portion of which was carried out while the recipient was resident in the SESAPS region.

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Award Donations

The three awards presented by the Southeastern Section rely on member contributions to sustain them. Many members of the section have made previous donations for the Jesse Beams Award, the George Pegram Award, and the Francis Slack Award.

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2021 Pegram, Slack, and Beams Award Winners

Pegram Award winner: Dr. Chris Vuille, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University


" The 2021 George B. Pegram Award for Excellence in Physics Education in the Southeast is awarded to Prof. Chris Vuille of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University for developing and improving pedagogical materials, including two decades as co-author of “College Physics” (published by Cengage); for educating the general public, including establishing the Elston Memorial Lecture on Gravitation; and for engaging with colleagues and students in the humanities to explain the science in science fiction"

Slack Award winner: Prof. Nadia Fomin, University of Tennessee Knoxville


 "For excellence in service to physics in the Southeast, through her extensive efforts to enhance student training opportunities, her work with SESAPS, and her organization of conferences and workshops.  In addition to training several undergraduate students herself, Dr. Fomin has created a program for undergraduates from minority serving institutions to be mentored by University of Tennessee faculty and Oak Ridge National Laboratory scientific staff. As an assistant professor, Dr. Fomin joined the SESAPS Executive Committee, and later was in the Chair line for SESAPS.  In the latter role, she worked to add a student member to the SESAPS Executive Committee.  She has also served on the program committee of the APS DNP and the APS council. Dr. Fomin helped organize several workshops and summer schools, including the 2020 virtual SESAPS meeting and the National Nuclear Physics Summer School in 2019.”

Beams Award winner: Dr. Latifa  Elouadrhiri, Jefferson Lab


"For her fundamental discoveries and lasting contributions to the development of experimental equipment in forefront nuclear science. Her seminal contributions include the discovery of the spin dependence of the deeply virtual Compton scattering, design, construction and commissioning of the novel CLAS12 detection system as part of the energy doubling of the Jefferson Laboratory electron accelerator, and co-discovery of the  mechanical property of the protons”

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