Nominations for members of the Executive Committee are always welcome. Each year the Vice-Chair and one of the four Members-at-Large are elected. The Student Member is elected every other year. The Vice-Chair serves for four years (Vice-Chair, Chair-Elect, Chair, and Past Chair), the Members-at-Large serve staggered four-year terms, and the Student Member serves a two-year term. The Secretary and Treasurer serve staggered five-year terms and are elected in the final year of their respective predecessors’ terms. In addition, SESAPS elects a four-year term APS Councilor representing SESAPS, SFW, SMAS, SOH, and S4CS on a rotating basis with the named Sections. SESAPS members may suggest themselves or someone else as a prospective nominee. Nominees must be APS and SESAPS members according to the bylaws. Nomination suggestions should be sent to the Nominating Committee Chair ( This year the Nominating Committee will be collecting suggested nominations for the Vice-Chair, one Member-at-Large, the Student Member, and the APS Councilor. The deadline for receiving your suggested nominations is 28 September, 2020.