Why Join GPER?

Why should you join GPER?

Having a strong GPER community helps to ensure the strength of PER as a discipline. 

The mission of GPER is to advance PER, which includes elevating the status of PER as a sub-discipline of physics and advocating for further integration of PER into the physics community. We fulfill this mission through the following actions.

  1. We provide a voice within the APS community;
  2. We sponsor PER invited and contributed sessions at APS April meeting reaching a broad range of physicists; 
  3. We support Physical Review Physics Education Research (PRPER) publication fees for those in need;
  4. We advocate for PER researchers to be recognized and honored by APS for their contributions to the physics enterprise as APS Fellows and other award recipients.
  5. We provide information about Careers in PER to the physics community.
  6. We create new initiatives to support the community. Planned and new initiatives include highlighting PER careers within APS careers, collaboration with PER Bites, PER conference organizer grants, personal mini grants, and more.

We also offer many direct benefits to our members, including:

  1. You can apply for personal mini grants, and grants for PER conference organizers; 
  2. You can be nominated as an APS Fellow through GPER;
  3. You have access to announcements of interest to the PER community;
  4. You can run for GPER Executive Committee positions (see open positions)
  5. You have a voice in GPER elections and initiatives.

We welcome any feedback, ideas, or questions for GPER by writing to the Secretary or Chair of GPER.

Join GPER Here

Membership is just $10 with an active APS membership