The American Physical Society Physics Education Research Topical Group (GPER) is committed to supporting APS members who advance and enrich research in physics education. To support APS GPER members, we offer three types of mini-grants.

GPER Mini-Grants: Conference Support 

Conference Support mini-grants provide support for GPER members to share physics education research findings with the physics community (e.g., travel, registration costs, workshop costs, poster printing, etc.).

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GPER Mini-Grants: Emergency Support

Emergency Support grants support individual GPER members who are facing unanticipated financial challenges.

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GPER Mini-Grants: Conference Organizer Support

Conference Organizer Grants support the organization of PER-focused conferences, and the development of early-career PER scholars at such conferences.

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Please contact Alice Olmstead or Eric Kuo if you have any questions regarding the GPER Mini-Grants or application process. 

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