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Nominate APS Fellows for GPER

Deadline: June 1, 2015

As a topical group, GPER is able to nominate 2 fellows to the APS. We would like to collect nominations from the community. To do this, we have created a web form to collect nominees' information.

The web form requires:

  • The nominator's information (name and email)
  • The nominee's information (name and email)
  • A short blurb (250 words or less) about why the nominee should be considered
  • The name and email of up to 2 (but at least 1) additional person who would support this nomination.

We have until June 1st to collect nominations, so please begin your nominating soon. After this time, the GPER Fellowship Committee will begin the evaluation process.

It is important to remember the membership of APS is diverse and global, so the Fellows of the APS should reflect that diversity. Nominations of women, members of underrepresented minority groups, and scientists from outside the United States are especially encouraged.