Strand 2 - Emergency Support

This strand is designed to support individual members who are facing unanticipated financial challenges. Emergency mini-grants have a maximum of $500 per award.

Total funding available: $1,000

What qualifies as an emergency?

In order to apply, the financial emergency must meet the following criteria:

  1. The emergency is unforeseen, sudden, and/or outside of the person’s control.

  2. The emergency will impede the person’s career or career progress.

  3. The emergency aid will allow the person to continue in their career once the acute situation is stable.

(Guidelines adapted from the NMC BEAM fund site

What can funds be used for?

Any use of funds that meets the criteria for an emergency is allowable. 

Some examples could include: groceries, utility bills, academic materials (e.g., textbooks), rent, loan payments, gas, medical expenses, etc. These examples are drawn from the Access Network’s report about their emergency fund for students.

What information is needed?

To facilitate making award decisions, we ask that Strand 2 proposals include the following:

  • Applicant information: The name, institutional affiliation, current position, and email address of the applicant. When applicable, please indicate if you’ve received prior emergency support from GPER.

  • Financial need: All applications should briefly describe the need for requested funds and how they will be used (1-2 sentences).

  • Budget: How much money are you requesting? Note that taxes may be deducted - see “Accounting and Tax Information” below.

Who is eligible?

All members of GPER are eligible to apply for this award.

What criteria will be used during application review?

Any member of GPER who applies for an emergency award and has a legitimate financial need that qualifies as an emergency will receive funds as funding remains available. If the requests exceed the amount of funding available, each applicant will be awarded the same proportion of their original request. 

Instructions for emergency support requests

  • The application form is available here.

  • Emergency support requests are due by 11:59 PM Pacific on the 15th of each month, starting on November 15, 2022. Funding decisions will be shared within one month.

  • Requests must be submitted in PDF format, one PDF per proposal, with the last name of the proposer in the name of the file as well as in the text of the document.

  • Requests should be submitted using this form with the subject line "GPER Emergency Mini-Grant request."

Review Process

The Mini-Grant Chair receives all requests and checks them for compliance with the RFP. The Mini-Grant Sub-Committee discusses requests and comes to consensus on a recommendation for how to apportion funds. The recommendation is presented to the GPER Executive Committee Chair and Secretary/Treasurer for final approval. The Mini-Grant Chair notifies all applicants of the outcomes. Please note that all current and future GPER Executive Committee members will have access to applications.

Reporting Requirements

For emergency awards (Strand 2), there are no reporting requirements for this grant program.

Accounting and Tax Information

Awarded grants will be approved by the Secretary/Treasurer of GPER before proceeding with the payments. If your emergency award requires a direct payment to you, the award is taxable to the recipient and you will receive a 1099 if the total receipts within a calendar year are greater than $500. If your emergency award requests reimbursement for an expense, your reimbursement is not subject to taxation.