Physics, Peace, Human Rights: Sakharov-100


Physics, Peace, Human Rights

Centennial of Andrei Sakharov’s birth
Celebrating his contributions to science and humanity

“Physics, Peace, Human Rights” Program

Sakharov – 100: Celebrating Andrei Sakharov’s Contributions to Science and Humanity

00:00:00 Welcome, Introduction Vladimir Shiltsev (Fermilab) Slides
00:09:45 Capturing the Sun: Sakharov’s Contributions to Fusion and Energy
Speaker Bios
Chair: Roald Sagdeev (University of Maryland)  
00:16:25 Dmitri Ryutov (Livermore Lawrence National Laboratory)  
00:34:35 Bruno Coppi (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Slides
00:49:20 Kristel Crombé (University of Gent)  
01:05:50 Q&A Session I  


Understanding the Universe: Sakharov’s Contributions to Astrophysics
Speaker Bios

Chair: Luisa Cifarelli (University of Bologna)
01:18:35 Andrei Linde (Stanford University)
01:35:40 Valery Rubakov (Institute of Nuclear Research, Moscow)
01:59:20 Grigory Trubnikov (Joint Institute of Nuclear Research, Dubna)
02:22:00 Q&A Session II


Peace on Earth: Sakharov’s Contributions to Nuclear Arms Control 
Speaker Bios

Chair: Cathy Campbell (CDRF Global, ret)
02:25:15 Dick Garwin (IBM)
02:42:50 Frank von Hippel (Princeton University)
02:59:00 Siegfried S. Hecker (Los Alamos National Laboratory; Stanford)
03:15:05 Susan Eisenhower (Eisenhower Group, Inc)
03:32:00 Q&A Session III


Roundtable: Reflecting on Sakharov’s World 
Speaker Bios

Chair: Cherrill Spencer (SLAC, FPS)

Boris Altshuler (Lebedev Physical Institute in Moscow)


Tatiana Yankelevich Bonner & Marina Sakharov-Liberman (video recording)

Attendee questions taken during the Lerman-Vorobieff portion


Zafra Lerman (Malta Conferences Foundation)


Alexander Kabanov (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
Peter Vorobieff (University of New Mexico, APS CIFS)

05:05:55 Q&A and Close-out - Cherrill Spencer (SLAC, FPS)