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December PHYSICS MATTERS: “ALBA and the science for sustainability" by Prof. Caterina Biscari

By Christine Marie-Therese Darve posted 10-16-2022 08:26


Join us on Thursday December 15 to finish together the year on positive notes for the "International Year of Basic Sciences for Sustainable Development" !

Thursday December 15, 4 pm CET “ALBA and the science for sustainability" by Prof. Caterina Biscari

Register here and participate to this welcoming PHYSICS MATTERS Colloquium !
(“ALBA and the Physics for development" )

Now Available : YouTube Recording


Over the past decade, the ALBA Synchrotron, the Spanish 3rd generation light source, has become an important pillar of the Spanish and European Research Area, providing research capabilities and a wide range of state-of-the-art instrumentation to a community of more than 6500 academic and industrial users. ALBA is prepared to leap to the 4th generation, boosting its impact on the user community and on the industrial use of the instrumentation, and reinforcing its educational vocation and training capacity. ALBA II, whose project has just started and is planned to be fully operative in the ‘30s, will combine the upgrade to low-emittance storage ring with the construction of new fully-optimized beamlines, the refurbishment of part of its instrumentation, the evolution of the data infrastructure. ALBA is open to the whole range of applications of synchrotron light, and at the same time is focusing its strategic areas to provide multimodal and correlative answers to the most urgent questions about health and sustainability for the future of our planet, in particular aiming at influencing the research on green energy, green catalysis, advanced materials, food production and conservation.


Since 2012 Prof. Caterina Biscari is the Director of ALBA Synchrotron, the Spanish national light source. Prof. Caterina Biscari has managed its development as a large multidisciplinary research facility with international projection, and is now planning the upgrade to 4th generation light source. Experimental physicist, expert of particle accelerators, worked in the past at CERN and at LNF-INFN. Member of several international advisory committees and boards, including CERN Scientific Policy Committee. Vice-chair of LEAPS, the League of European Accelerator-based Photon Sources.