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“Physics for Development and International Cooperation” by Dr. Kate Shaw

By Christine Marie-Therese Darve posted 10-03-2022 17:39


Register today to attend Thursday October 27, Physics Matters colloquium at 4 pm CET

Dr. Kate Shaw will present “Physics for Development and International Cooperation” !

Thursday October 27, 2022

16:00 CET  (10 EDT)


Now Available : YouTube Recording


Basic and applied physics can play a key role in sustainable development, a central challenge of our time. Along with technological, educational and economic benefits, the impact of scientific international cooperation between countries in experiments or building research facilities such as SESAME or CERN, is often an understated impact on the pathway towards addressing the challenges outlined in the 2030 Agenda. The international scientific community is passionate to improve inclusive participation, in particular for women, those from less wealthy countries, and other under-represented groups and minorities. Programmes such as ICTP Physics Without Frontiers aims to reach out internationally to under-represented groups in the Global South to provide opportunity and training and increase participation. Physicists naturally reach out across borders to collaborate, and we are and must further support those members of the community in need such as refugee scientists, or researchers in conflict zones. This talk will discuss how basic and applied physics can help address sustainable development goals in all countries, the importance of international cooperation, participation for all, the support for scientist in conflict, and importance of investing in national and international research facilities. 

Biography: Dr. Kate Shaw, ICTP (IT) and University of Sussex (UK), ATLAS experiment at CERN

Kate Shaw is an experimental particle physicist working on the ATLAS experiment at CERN and the DUNE experiment at Fermilab focusing on areas in top physics,  neutrino physics, luminosity calibration and measurement, open data and communication. She is currently the DUNE Outreach Coordinator, Director for International Affairs in the department of Physics at Sussex, the ATLAS Open Data convener, and was the ATLAS Outreach Coordinator 2013-2019, and previously on the ATLAS Inclusion and Diversity Committee. Shaw also works to promote physics in developing countries and in 2012 Kate founded and co-directs the ICTP Physics Without Frontiers programme, which works to train and motivate physics and mathematics university students in developing countries with cutting-edge research and to motivate them to continue their studies and consider a career in research through a volunteer network of scientists. She won the European Physical Society Outreach Prize in 2015 and the Sussex Better World Award in 2021.