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PHYSICS MATTERS: The Scientific Expedition Polarquest2021 – Save the White by Poala Catapano, Kevin Monneron and Mike Struik

By Christine Marie-Therese Darve posted 11-08-2021 15:38


Join us Monday November 29, at 10 am EST (4pm CET) ! Poala Catapano, Kevin Monneron and Mike Struik will break the Ice with

The Scientific Expedition Polarquest2021 – Save the White


Now Available : YouTube Recording



The Polarquest2021: Save the Arctic White expedition team set out on 31 July 2021 aboard the Italian flag steel cutter Best Explorer. The vessel was crewed by a diverse team of researchers, science communicators, and sailors, all carrying out valuable scientific investigations about the Arctic environment and the impact of human activity on its fragile ecosystems.

The expedition crossed the 80th parallel North, into uncharted waters in the Northeast of the Svalbard archipelago. The team carried out first-of-a-kind mapping by air and sea, giving testimony to the state of the Arctic environment in the northernmost regions of Svalbard. Sonar and drone mappings, sampled environmental DNA (e-DNA) have measured the impact of climate change on biodiversity and are now being analysed.

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Paola Catapano: Polarquest2021 project manager. Paola Catapano heads the CERN Editorial content production. She is an internationally recognized expert in science communication and technology, multilingual science journalist, author, and presenter on television. She is an arctic and antarctic reporter, Polarquest2018 and Polarquest2021 project manager.

Kevin Monneron: Polarquest2021 Engineer and Diver. Kevin Monneron is an engineer, free diver, and scientific and technical support with a passion for adventure.

Mike Struik: Polarquest2021 Technical Coordinator & Aerial photographer. Mike Struik is an aeronautical engineer, adventure photographer, arctic reporter, delta, and drone pilot.