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PHYSICS MATTERS: Fluid dynamics of wildfires

By Christine Marie-Therese Darve posted 05-08-2021 06:46


PHYSIC MATTERS, so Join us on May 20, 7 am EDT and REGISTER HERE to know more about "Fluid dynamics of wildfires" !

Now Available : YouTube Recording

The lecture will be delivered by Rod Linn (Los Alamos National Laboratory and UCSD). The whole duration will be about 60 min.

 Wildland fires are an unavoidable and essential feature of the natural environment. They’re also increasingly dangerous as communities continue to spread away from urban areas. Unfortunately, a century of wildfire exclusion—the strategy of putting out fires as fast as they start—has led to a significant buildup of fuel in the form of overgrown forests. Continuing to keep wildfires at bay is simply not sustainable. In 2018, nearly 60 000 fires scorched parts of the continental US. California wildfires exemplify what can happen when they burn through communities: In November 2019 alone that year fires killed more than 90 people and destroyed some 14 000 homes and businesses. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) can model such wildfires, hence it is possible to monitor and limit them. A brief review of those simulations will be presented.

 Rod Linn leads the development, implementation, testing, and application of computational models of wildfire behavior in the Earth and environmental sciences division at Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico.

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