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Summer 2014 Newsletter

Beth Lindsey, Editor

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In This Issue

  • From the Chair, Michael Fauerbach
  • From the Editor, Beth Lindsey
  • Call for 2015 Program Suggestions, Randy Knight
  • Call for Nominations for FEd Executive Committee, Tim Stelzer
  • On-line Resource to Help Increase the Number of Research Opportunities for Undergraduates Being Jointly Developed by APS, CUR, AAPT and SPS
  • 2014 Excellence in Physics Education Award Recipient
  • Award for Improving Undergraduate Physics Education Awardees
  • APS Education and Diversity Director's Corner, Ted Hodapp
  • Letter to the Editor: Physics Student Recruitment, Stewart E. Brekke
  • Announcing the PERCoGS Newsletter
  • Browsing the Journals, Carl Mungan
  • Web Watch, Carl Mungan
  • Executive Committee


  • Being a Seattle Pacific University Learning Assistant: A Transformative Experience of Listening and Being Heard, Amy D. Robertson, Erika P. Eppard, Lisa M. Goodhew, Emily L. Maaske, Hannah C. Sabo, Faith C. Stewart, David L. Tuell, and Scott T. Wenzinger
  • The Physics Learning Assistant Program at Texas State University: My Perspective as an LA and as a Researcher, By Jessica Conn, with Hunter Close and Eleanor Close
  • From Competencies to Curricular Objectives: Preparing a New Introductory Physics for the Life Sciences (IPLS) Course, Juan Burciaga and Ralf Widenhorn
  • An Adventure in STEM Policy, Dayton Syme

Teacher Preparation Section, John Stewart, Editor

  • Teacher Preparation Section, John Stewart
  • Periscope: Looking into Learning in Best-practices University Physics Classrooms, Rachel E. Scherr and Renee Michelle Goertzen
  • Sustaining a Physics Teacher Preparation Program: Challenges and Strategies, Laurie E. McNeil

Disclaimer: The articles and opinion pieces found in this issue of the APS Forum on Education Newsletter are not peer refereed and represent solely the views of the authors and not necessarily the views of the APS.