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Summer 2010 Newsletter 

Carl Mungan, Editor

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In This Issue

  • From the Chair, Larry Woolf
  • Report from the Chair of the APS Committee on Education, Peter Collings
  • The Real Meaning of Common Teaching Phrases, Carl Mungan
  • Browsing the Journals, Carl Mungan
  • Web Watch, Carl Mungan
  • Executive Committee


  • Using Web Videos as a Recruiting Tool, Robert Ehrlich
  • Modernizing the Physics Curriculum by Being Less Modern, Philip Gleckman
  • A Better Way to Increase Physics Majors: Greater Emphasis on Concepts, Art Hobson
  • 21st Century Physics For In-Service High School Physics Teachers, Bruce Sherwood
  • An Interview with Boris Korsunsky, Carl Mungan
  • Report on the Minority Bridge Program, Theodore Hodapp
  • Writing to Learn: A Circuits Laboratory Report Without Numbers, Michael Faleski
  • The Application Of Play Theory to Pedagogical Design, Juan Burciaga
  • Encouraging the Next Generation of Scientific Leaders, Joann DiGennaro
  • Recruiting Physics Students in High School, Gabriel Popkin
  • Physics Class Field Trips to the Local Science Museum, Helen Briggs
  • 2009 Topical Conference on Advanced Laboratories, Randolph Peterson & Gabe Spalding
  • Undergraduate Perspectives from the APS/AAPT Meeting, Gary White & Kendra Rand
  • Physicists, Philharmonics, and Youth Symphonies, Dwight Neuenschwander
  • AAAS Project 2061: Developing Standards-Based Science Assessment Resources, Mary Koppal & Jo Ellen Roseman

Teacher Preparation Section

  • Introduction from the Section Editor, John Stewart
  • University of Arkansas Noyce Scholarship Program, Gay Stewart & John Stewart
  • PhysTEC Scholarship Program for Future Physics Teachers, Gabriel Popkin

Disclaimer: The articles and opinion pieces found in this issue of the APS Forum on Education Newsletter are not peer refereed and represent solely the views of the authors and not necessarily the views of the APS.