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Summer 2009 Newsletter

Ernie Malamud and Carl E. Mungan, Editors

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In This Issue

  • From the Chair, Laurie McNeil
  • Call for Nominations for the FEd Executive Committee, Catherine Crouch
  • Request for Session Topic Ideas for Upcoming APS Meetings, Jerry Feldman
  • From the Editor, Jennifer L. Docktor, PhD
  • Director’s Corner: Do You Know a Teacher?, Theodore Hodapp
  • Gender and Physics: An Evolving Field, Laura McCullough
  • Physics Together: Engaging Young Women in Physics with STEP UP, Robynne Lock
  • Implementing STEP UP in an Inner City School, Jolene Johnson
  • Reflections on STEP UP from an EL Teacher, Billy Menz
  • Browsing the Journals, Carl Mungan
  • Web Watch, Carl Mungan
  • Executive Committee of the Forum on Education

Teacher Preparation Section, Alma Robinson, Editor

  • Teacher Preparation Section, Alma Robinson
  • If You Can’t Measure It, You Can’t Improve It: A Tool to Get Ideas to Improve Physics Teacher Education at Your Institution, Stephanie Chasteen and David May
  • Teaching Physics or Physical Science to Prospective Elementary Teachers: A Flexible Curriculum and Faculty Community, Edward Price, Fred Goldberg, Paul Miller, Steve Robinson

Disclaimer: The articles and opinion pieces found in this issue of the APS Forum on Education Newsletter are not peer refereed and represent solely the views of the authors and not necessarily the views of the APS.