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Summer 2007 Newsletter

Lawrence Woolf, Editor

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In This Issue

  • Browsing the Journals by Thomas D. Rossing


  • From the Chair by David Haase
  • Editor's Introduction to the K-12 Science Curricula Articles by Lawrence Woolf

K-12 NSF Science Instructional Materials Programs and National Standards

  • Development of K-12 Instructional Materials at the National Science Foundation by Gerhard Salinger
  • The Influence of National Standards on Science Education by Rodger W. Bybee

K-8 Science Instructional Materials 

  • Insights: An Elementary Hands-On Inquiry Science Curriculum by Karen Worth
  • Changing the Course of Science Education by Jennifer Childress, Jim Benson, Claudia Campbell, and Sally Goetz Shuler
  • Water Skiers and SCUBA Divers by Larry Malone
  • Interactions In Physical Science by Fred Goldberg and Sharon Bendall

High School Science Instructional Materials 

  • Active Physics by Arthur Eisenkraft
  • Minds•On Physics: Redefining Physics Instruction by Bill LeonardModeling Instruction for K-12 Science Education by David Hestenes
  • Reformed-Based Physics Teaching: An Inquiry Approach by Dave Pinkerton and Betty Stennett

Teacher Preparation Section

  • Corporate Funding of Physical Science Teacher Preparation Programs by John Stewart
  • Raising funds for UTeach by Michael Marder
  • Transition to Teaching by Robin Willner
  • Leveraging Corporate Support for Science Education Reform at Seattle Pacific University by Eleanor Cloe

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