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Forum News: A Message from the Chair by Jack M. Wilson

Teaching on the Web: Call for papers

The Fall issue will feature discussions of using the Worldwide Web for teaching physics, including online courses, online examinations and problems, video examples online, etc. Please communicate ideas for articles or short notes about Web teaching to Thomas Rossing before October 1.

Letters to the Editor and Announcements: Physics after Retirement by Art Hobson


  • The Hands-on Activity Science Program (HASP) in North Alabama by R. Hugh Comfort 
  • A Model Physics Teacher Education Program At Illinois State University by Carl J. Wenning 
  • K-8 Science Education through the Eyes of a Physicist by Ted Schultz 
  • Teachers as Professionals by Stan Jones
  • Alabama Science in Motion by Jill Shearin Driver 
  • Promoting Diversity in Physics by Ramon Lopez
  • Browsing Through the Journals by Tom Rossing

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