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Spring 2006 Newsletter

Karen Cummings, Editor

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In This Issue

  • Browsing the Journals by Thomas D. Rossing
  • Executive Committee


  • Greetings from the Chair by Ramon Lopez
  • What is the buoyant force on a block at the bottom of a beaker of water? by Carl E. Mungan

Issues in Graduate Education

  • A Ph.D. in Any Language: World Year of Physics Country Profiles by Ben Brown
  • Tapping Physics Education Research for a Graduate-Level Curriculum: A Novel Approach for a Ph.D. Qualifying Exam Preparation Course by Warren Christensen and Larry Engelhardt
  • Graduating Educated Graduate Students by Edward Price and Noah Finkelstein
  • A Course on Integrated Approaches in Physics Educationcby Michael C. Wittmann and John R. Thompson
  • Development of a Comprehensive Physics Program at a Non-traditional Upper-level Undergraduate and Graduate Small University by David Garrison

Teacher Preparation Section

  • A Note from the Teacher Preparation Section Editor by Chance Hoellwarth
  • A Physics Teacher Education Program in the Philippines by Ed van den Berg, Jocelyn Locay-locay, and Marilou Gallos
  • A New Model Alternative Certification Program For HS Physics Teachers by Dan MacIsaac, Joe Zawicki, Kathleen Falconer, David Henry, and Dewayne Beery

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