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Spring 2004 Newsletter 

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In This Issue

  • Message from the Chair, Wolfgang Christian
  • Physics Essays for Airline Travelers, Jim McGuire
  • Interactive Engagement in MIT Introductory Physics, John W. Belcher
  • Increasing student engagement in large classes: a departmental case study, S. Pollock and K. Perkings
  • A Course in Matter & Interactions, Ruth Chabay and Bruce Sherwood
  • An Activity-Based Curriculum for Non-Science Students, David P. Jackson
  • Hands-on Homework for Large Introductory Physics Courses, Chandralekha Singh
  • An Activity-Centered General Science Course Concerning Light and Optics, Jeff Marx, Shabbir Mian, and Vasilis Pagonis
  • Investigative Science Learning Environment, Eugenia Etkina and Alan Van Heuvelen
  • Bridging the Gap between Mathematics and Physics, Tevian Dray and Corinne A. Manogue

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