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Spring 2002 Newsletter 

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In This Issue

  • Browsing Through the Journals by Thomas D. Rossing

Forum News and Announcements

  • Sessions at the March and April APS Meetings  by Kenneth S. Krane, Chair-Elect
  • Meeting: Materials Education: Opportunities Over a Lifetime," May 20-21, 2002. From James Wynne


  • The Physics Major: An Endangered Species? by Jack Wilson
  • Communicating Science with the Arts by Chris Chiaverina
  • Fermilab's Ask a Scientist Program by Peter H. Garbincius
  • Fooling Students Into Not Fooling Themselves by Raymond E. Hall
  • A Coalition to Improve Teaching by John Layman and Warren Hein
  • No Child Left Behind?  Teaching Science and the Department of Education Budget Good Intentions, Political Realities, Unintended Consequences by Ken Heller
  • Improving the Quality and Quantity of K-12 Teachers of Mathematics and Science: The Collaborative for Excellence in Teacher Preparation in Pennsylvania by Patsy Ann Johnson, P. James Moser, Robert A. Cohen, and Joan E. Mackin
  • Mathematical Physics for All by Stewart E. Brekke

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