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Fall 2014 Newsletter

Beth Lindsey, Editor

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In This Issue

  • From the Chair, Michael Fauerbach
  • From the Editor, Beth Lindsey
  • FEd Sponsored Sessions at the 2015 March and April Meetings, Randy Knight
  • Director's Corner Fall 2014, Ted Hodapp
  • Updates from the Topical Group on Physics Education Research, Eric Brewe
  • AAPT-ALPhA Award
  • Web Watch, Carl Mungan
  • Executive Committee


  • Overview of the Outcomes of the March IPLS Meeting, Dawn Meredith
  • The 2014 Gordon Research Conference on Physics Research and Education 2014: The Complex Intersection of Biology and Physics, Mel Sabella and Mathew Lang
  • Physics for (molecular) biology students, Michael W. Klymkowsky
  • Physics for Biologists—Beyond Biophysics, Steven Vogel
  • Vision and change in introductory physics, Simon G.J. Mochrie

Teacher Preparation Section, Alma Robinson, Editor

  • Teacher Preparation Section, Alma Robinson
  • Benefits of collaboration between physics departments and schools of education, Julie Antilla-Garza and Stamatis Vokos
  • Collaboration fosters physics teacher preparation at Boston University, Andrew Duffy and Peter Garik
  • Towson University Continues its Physics and Education Partnership to Prepare Future Teachers Effectively,
  • Cody Sandifer, Ronald S. Hermann, and David Vocke
    Establishing and Maintaining the Partnership with the School of Education, Chuhee Kwon

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