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Fall 2012 Newsletter

Beth Lindsey, Editor

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In This Issue

  • From the Chair, Renee Diehl
  • FEd-sponsored invited sessions for the 2013 March and April Meetings, Paul Cottle
  • Upcoming Elections, Michael Fauerbach
  • Physical Review Special Topics – Physics Education Research: A brief history and future directions, Charles Henderson and Robert Beichner
  • Teacher Preparation Section, John Stewart
  • What Can a TIR do for Your Teacher Preparation Program? Jon Anderson
  • Recruiting and Preparing Science and Math Teachers at the University of North Texas Mary Harris, John Quintanilla and Cindy Woods
  • QuarkNet in the Teen Years, Jon Anderson and Shane Wood
  • Preparing the Next Generation of Physics Teachers
  • Next Generation Science Standards and Physics Teaching, Scott Bonham
  • NRC Study Seeks to Articulate Best Practices in the Learning, Teaching, and Assessment of Physics, James Lancaster
  • The PER User's Guide: A Web Resource for Physics Educators, Sam McKagan
  • The Chicago State University Science Teaching and Learning Laboratory, Mel Sabella
  • Call for Manuscript Proposals: Effective Practices in Preservice Physics Teacher Education, Eric Brewe and Cody Sandifer
  • Browsing the Journals, Carl Mungan
  • Web Watch, Carl Mungan
  • Executive Committee

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