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Fall 2005 Newsletter

Karen Cummings, Editor

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In This Issue 

  • Browsing the Journals by Thomas D. Rossing
  • Executive Committee


  • Greetings from the Chair! by Ramon Lopez
  • Letter to the Editor: Why Distinguish Work from Heat? by Carl E. Mungan
  • Activity Based Physics Faculty Institute Announcement by David Sokoloff
  • World Year of Physics Fun Day in Kahului,Maui by Peggy McMahan

Foundations and Frontiers in Physics Education Research Conference Report

  • Overview of the Foundations and Frontiers in Physics Education Research Conference by Michael Wittmann, Paula Heron, and Rachel Scherr
  • Working Group Reports (Edited by Rachel Scherr)
    • Querying Other Fields by Andy Elby and Michael Loverude
    • Maximizing the Benefits of Physics Education Research: Building Productive Relationships and Promoting
    • Institutional Change by Charles Henderson, Tim Stelzer, Leon Hsu, and Dawn Meredith
    • Lobbying for Discipline-based Education Research by Paula Heron and David Meltzer
    • A Literary Canon in Physics Education Research by John Thompson and Bradley Ambrose
  • Conference Photos  

Teacher Preparation Section

  • A Note from the Teacher Preparation Section Editor by Chance Hoellwarth
  • UTeach by Michael Marder
  • Development of the Physics Teacher Education Program at Illinois State University by Carl J. Wenning and Richard F. Martin, Jr
  • Preparing Tomorrow's Physics Teachers by Eugenia Etkina
  • Secondary Science Teacher Preparation at the University of Arizona by Ingrid Novodvorsky

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