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Fall 2003 Newsletter

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In This Issue

  • Message from the Chair: Contribute and they will come! by Wolfgang Christian
  • Letters to the Editor by Ahren Sadoff, Lora Hine and Lali Chatterjee
  • Report on Teacher Quality Sent To Congress
  • Using Computational Physics to Investigate Realistic Projectile Motion by Nicholas Giordano
  • What Makes a Physics-Outreach Program Family Friendly? by Robert Greenler
  • Physics in Motion: A course for non-majors at Vassar College by Cindy Schwarz
  • Energy - a Basic Physics Concept and a Social Value by John L. Roeder
  • Web-Delivered Interactive Lecture Demonstrations: Creating an active science learning environment over the Internet by Ronald Thornton
  • The Berkeley Labs Intensive Research Institute 2003 by Peggy McMahan
  • Faculty and Student Intern Partnerships by S. Narasinga Rao
  • A Good Question? by Fred Hartline
  • FEd sessions scheduled for the March and April APS meetings
  • Browsing the Journals by Thomas D. Rossing
  • Executive Committee virtual meeting
  • Book Review By Art Hobson

This Newsletter, a publication of the American Physical Society Forum on Education, presents news of the Forum and articles on issues of physics education at all levels. Opinions expressed are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the APS or of the Forum. Due to limitations of space, notices of events will be restricted to those considered by the editors to be national in scope. Contributed articles, commentary, and letters are subject to editing; notice will be given the author if major editing is required. Contributions should be sent to any of the editors.