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Fall 2001 Newsletter

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  • Browsing the Journals by Thomas D. Rossing

Forum News and Announcements

  • A Message from the Chair by Jack Wilson
  • Join AAPT for Half Price


  • Teaching on the Web by Thomas D. Rossing
  • Motivating Students to Learn Physics Using an Online Homework System by John Risley
  • The Physics Illumination Project: Conceptual Homework on the Web by Ron Greene
  • The Evolution of Web-Based Activities in Physics at Illinois by Tim Stelzer and Gary Gladding
  • Time-dependent Permeable Interface and IT-based Physics Education by Jin S. Kim and Keum H. Lee Print this article in pdf
  • Just-in-Time Teaching: The Best of Both Worlds by Gregor M. Novak
  • Physlets: A Tool for Physics Education Research by Wolfgang Christian, Mario Belloni and Melissa Dancy
  • Science is a Lot of Fun with Hands-on Activities by Yoshio Kamishina
  • The Blame Game in Teacher Preparation by Fredrick Stein
  • Where Should We Go With Advanced Placement by W. Lichten
  • Doing Research and Teaching by Jan Tobochnik

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