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Support and Strengthen DBIO

By Margaret Gardel posted 03-10-2021 10:13

As we gear up for March Meeting excitement, I want to let you know of several ways you can help strengthen DBIO:

1) Renew your membership in DBIO!  Bring a new colleague into the fold!

DBio membership statistics determine the number of  APS fellows our DBIO can nominate, our allotment of Invited Sessions for MM2022 and dues provide support for student travel award.  Ultimately, our ability to continue as an APS Division relies on healthy membership.

Link to Join DBIO or email: Watch out for a promo code during MM for a fee waiver!

2) Give $2, $25 or $250  to DBIO

Our highest honor, the Delbruck Prize, is not yet fully endowed and DBIO is starting a campaign to raise funds to complete endowment.  An anonymous donor has generously offered to match up to $50,000 in funds raised.  If we reach the match, endowment will be close to complete and we can redirect unit funds for more student travel awards and establishing other awards. 

If every DBIO member donates $25, we'll reach that goal!  

Please donate at any level by clicking here.  Maybe consider how much money you are saving by not traveling to March Meeting this year, and donate that amount!  Every dollar counts!  Thank you!

3) Diversify DBIO Leadership, APS Fellows and Award Winners 
Suggest colleagues to be considered for APS Fellows, Delbruck Prize and Leadership nominations by submitting their name at this link . This does NOT replace an official Nomination, but is a parallel process to identify strong candidates.  The DBIO Executive Committee will review and work to secure official nominations for selected suggestions, with a focus on those that diversify our unit's award and leadership nomination pool.  

Thank you! DBIO is only as strong as its members!  

At March Meeting, please find our informal networking space with DSOFT/GSNP here:

Margaret Gardel
DBIO Chair-Elect (Chair after MM2021)