APS Fellowships

DBIO encourages fellowship nominations of diverse candidates with outstanding contributions to the biological physics community through any of the following: research, service, outreach, pedagogy, or mentoring.

DBIO Deadline for APS Fellowship Nomination: June 3, 2024

The APS Fellow Archive is an historic record of every APS Fellow, from 1921 to the present. The details contained in the archive are intended to document an individual's institutional affiliation at the time of their election to Fellowship, and is not updated to reflect current information.

2023 APS Fellows Nominated by DBIO

Laura Finzi
Physics Department, Emory University
Citation: For pioneering work on magnetic tweezers to resolve the difference between full polymer elastic theory and the simplifying freely jointed chain model and to demonstrate the key role of DNA supercoiling in transcription regulation, and for using tethered particle motion to study genetic switches.

Vernita D. Gordon
University of Texas at Austin
Citation: For fundamental contributions to the understanding of the role of physical properties in the development of bacterial biofilms and the interactions of biofilms with the immune system.

Kerwyn Casey Huang
Stanford University
Citation: For elucidating the biophysical properties of the Gram-negative bacterial cell envelope, for highlighting the pivotal role of the outer membrane in conferring stiffness, and for overturning the paradigm of the cell wall as the sole determinant of mechanical stability.

Pankaj Mehta
Boston University
Citation: For creative and impactful use of statistical mechanics tools in addressing a broad range of problems, from biological information processing and microbial ecology to machine learning theory.

Sarah Veatch
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Citation: For foundational work in understanding the miscibility phase transition and associated critical phenomena in membranes, and for rigorously applying these physical concepts to biological processes.