APS Fellowships

DBIO encourages fellowship nominations of diverse candidates with outstanding contributions to the biological physics community through any of the following: research, service, outreach, pedagogy, or mentoring.

DBIO Deadline for APS Fellowship Nomination: Wednesday, June 1, 2022

The APS Fellow Archive is an historic record of every APS Fellow, from 1921 to the present. The details contained in the archive are intended to document an individual's institutional affiliation at the time of their election to Fellowship, and is not updated to reflect current information.

2022 APS Fellows Nominated by DBIO

Olga Dudko
University of California, San Diego
Citation: "For using nonequilibrium statistical mechanics theory to model the response of biomolecules, macromolecular complexes, chromosomes, and viral envelopes to forces, thus providing a framework to identify and characterize biological processes from kinetics experiments."

Thomas Gregor
Princeton University & Institut Pasteur
Citation: "For the development of the fruit fly embryo as a physics laboratory, uncovering unexpected precision in the control of gene expression and the flow of information through genetic networks, illuminating the physics of fundamental cellular processes."

Gregory J Stephens
VU Amsterdam & OIST Graduate University
Citation: "For foundational contributions to the new field of the physics of animal behavior, and especially for understanding the statistical structure and the dynamics of behavior of a nematode, C. elegans."

Roya Zandi
University of California, Riverside
Citation: "For the application of fundamental theories of elasticity, electrostatics, and phase transitions to elucidate unique physical phenomena arising in viral capsid formation, notably the origin of icosahedral symmetry, the role of disclinations, and the branched topology of RNA genomes."