Program Committee

  • 2022: Josh Shaevitz (Chair), Margaret Cheung, Nancy Forde, Ajay Gopinathan, Suliana Manley, Andrew Mugler, Jianhua Xing
  • 2021: Margaret Cheung (Chair), Nancy Forde, Serena Bradde, Josh Shaevitz, Margaret Gardel, Moumita Das, Taras Pogorelov, Omar Saleh
  • 2020: Margaret Gardel (Chair), Philip Nelson, Margaret Cheung, Taviare Hawkins, Mingming Wu, Orit Peleg, Moumita Das
  • 2019: Phillip Nelson (Chair, March Meeting Chair for DBIO 2020), Margaret Gardel (2021 Chair), Vernita Gordon (DBIO Sec/Tres), Yuhai Yu (Past Program Chair, 2017), Meredith Betterton, Eva-Maria S. Collins, Jeff Gore, Moumita Das, Alexandre Morovoz
  • 2018: Massimo Vergessola (Chair), Meredith Betterton, Eva-Maria S. Collins, Vernita Gordon, Jeffre Gore, Ilya Nemenman, Phillip Nelson, Joshua Shaevitz
  • 2017: Jennifer Ross (Chair), Vernita Gordon, Alexandre Morozov, Kandice Tanner, Massimo Vergassola
  • 2016: Yuhai Tu (Chair), Jenny Ross (Next Year's Chair), Vernita Gordon, Josh Shaevitz, Jeff Gore
  • 2015: Ilya Nemenman (Chair), Jenny Ross, Yuhai Tu, Josh Shaevitz, Arpita Upadhyaya, Sarah Sola, Sorters Meeting: December 3-4
  • 2014: Steven Schwartz, Jenny Ross, Ilya Nemenen Lisa Lapidis, Omar Saleh

Tutorial/Workshop Committee

  • 2022: Ajay Gopinathan (Chair)
  • 2021: Josh Shaevitz (Chair)
  • 2020: Margaret Cheung (Chair)
  • 2019: Jenny Ross (Chair), Massimo Vergassola
  • 2018: Jenny Ross (Chair), Massimo Vergassola
  • 2017:  Yuhai Tu (Chair), Jennifer Ross
  • 2016: Ilya Nemenman (Chair)
  • 2015: Steven Schwartz (Chair)
  • 2014: Wolfgang Losert (Chair)

Fellows Committee

  • 2022: Ajay Gopinathan (Chair), Rana Ashkar, Daniel Fisher, Orit Peleg, Josh Shaevitz
  • 2021: Josh Shaevitz (Chair), Rana Ashkar, Margaret Cheung, Daniel Fisher, Taviare Hawkins, Srividya Iyer-Biswas
  • 2020: Margaret Cheung (Chair), Margaret Gardel, Taviare Hawkins, Bill Bialek, Srividya Iyer-Biswas
  • 2019: Margaret Gardel (Chair), Phil Nelson, Mingming Wu, Kandice Tanner, Jie Yan, Aihua Xie
  • 2018: Phil Nelso (Chair), Yuhai Tu, Ilya Nemenman, Jeff Gore, Bill Bialek, Mingming Wu
  • 2017: Massimo Vergassola (Chair), William Bialek, Jeff Gore, Steven Schwartz, Sara Solla
  • 2016: Jenny Ross (Chair), Herbie Levine, Steve Schwartz, Sara Solla, Bill Bialek
  • 2015: Yuhai Tu (Chair), Dongping Zhong, Herbert Levine, Arpita Upadhyaya, Steve Hagen
  • 2014: Ilya Nemenman (Chair), Fred Mackintosh, Dongping Zhong, Arpita Upadhyaya, Steve Hagen

Dissertation Prize Committee

  • 2022: Orit Peleg (Chair), Ajay Gopinathan, Sarah Marzen, Andrew Mugler
  • 2021: Rana Ashkar (Chair), Orit Peleg, Josh Shaevitz, Moumita Das
  • 2020: Massimo Vergassola (Chair), Orit Peleg, Padmini Rangamani
  • 2019: Jenny Ross (Chair), Eva-Maria Schoetz Collins, Erin Rericha, Meredith Betterton
  • 2018: Yuhai Tu (Chair), Eva-Maria Schoetz Collins, Kandice Tanner, Erin Rericha
  • 2017: Ilya Nemenman (Chair), Eva-Maria Schoetz Collins, Kandice Tanner, Megan Valentine
  • 2016: Steve Schwartz (Chair), Sarah Solla, Omar Saleh, Kandice Tanner
  • 2015: Steven Schwartz (Chair), Omar Saleh, Sarah Solla
  • 2014: Wolgang Losert (Chair), Sonia Bahar, Josh Shaevitz

Travel Award Committee

  • 2022: Rana Ashkar (Chair), Nancy Forde, Sarah Marzen, Armita Nourmohammad
  • 2021: Rana Ashkar, Nancy Forde, Taviare Hawkins
  • 2020: Philip Nelson (Chair)
  • 2019: Massimo Vergassola (Chair), Alexandre Morozov, Mingming Wu, Meredith Betterton
  • 2018: Jenny Ross (Chair), Jeff Gore, Alex Morozov, Mingming Wu
  • 2017: Yuhai Tu (Chair), Alex Morozov, Jennifer Ross, Kandice Tanner, Massimo Vergassola
  • 2016: Ilya Nemenman (Chair), Sara Solla, Arpita Upadhyaya, Jeff Gore
  • 2015: Steve Schwartz (Chair), Megan Valentine, Xavier Link, Jose Onuchic
  • 2014: Wolfgang Losert (Chair), Link, Xavier, Arpita Upadhayaya, Lisa Lapidus

Nominating Committee

  • 2022: Margaret Gardel (Chair), Moumita Das, David Lubensky, John Marko, Ilya Nemenman
  • 2021: Phil Nelson (Chair), David Lubensky, Ilya Nemenman, Moumita Das, Angel Garcia (unconfirmed)
  • 2020: Massimo Vergassola (Chair), Srividya Iyer-Biswas, Alexandre Morozov, Ilya Nemenman, Mingming Wu
  • 2019: Jenny Ross (Chair), Mingming Wu, Meredith Betterton, Alexandre Morozov
  • 2018: Yuhai Tu (Chair), Jeff Gore, Megan Valentine, Mingming Wu
  • 2017: Ilya Nemenman (Chair), Jeff Gore, Keir Neuman, Megan Valentine
  • 2016: Steve Shcwartz (Chair), Kandice Tanner, Megan Valentine, Steve Hagen, Nikta Fahkri or Massimo Vergassola

Membership Committee

  • 2022: Jianhua Xing (Chair)
  • 2021: Jennifer Ross
  • 2019: Margaret Gardel (Chair), Phil Nelson, Massimo Vergassola, Jenny Ross
  • 2018: Phil Nelson (Chair), Yuhai Tu, Massimo Vergassola, Jenny Ross
  • 2017: Massimo Vergassola (Chair), Ilya Nemenman, Jennifer Ross
  • 2017 - 2016: Jennifer Ross (Chair)
  • 2016 - 2015: Yuhai Tu (Past Chair)

Fundraising Committee

  • 2022: Margaret Cheung (Chair)
  • 2021:Bill Bialek and Margaret Gardel
  • 2019: Bill Bialek (Chair), Jenny Ross
  • 2018: Jenny Ross (Chair), Yuhai Tu
  • 2017: Yuhai Tu (Chair), Ilya Nemenman
  • 2016: Ilya Nemenman (Chair), Jeff Gore, Megan Valentine
  • 2015: Megan, Sarah, Ilya, Yuhai (Wolfgang)
  • 2014: Wolfgang Losert, Jeff Gore, Josh Shaevitz, Pupa Gilbert

Delbruck Committee

  • 2022: Zuzanna Siwy (Chair), Ibrahim Cissé, Terry Hwa, Jennifer Ross, Josh Shaevitz
  • 2021: Jennifer Ross (Chair); Margaret Cheung, Ibrahim Cissé, Andrea Cavagna, Irene Giardina, John Marko
  • 2020: Tatyana Sharpee (Chair), Suzanne Kane, Raghuveer Parthasarathy, Ibrahim Cissé, Chao Tang, James Collins; Philip Nelson ex officio as DBIO Chair
  • 2019: Chao Tang (Chair), Ken Dill (2018 Delbruck Winner) (vice chair), Jose Onuchic (2018 Delbruck Winner), Zuzanna S. Siwy, Reka Albert
  • 2018: Margaret Gardel (Chair), Daniel Fisher, Bill Bialeck (2017 Delbruck Winner), Wilma Olson, Chao Tang
  • 2017: Rob de Ruyter van Steveninck (Chair), Alan Perelson (2016 Delbruck Winner), Margaret Gardel, Daniel Fisher, Wilma Olson
  • 2016: Phil Nelson (Chair), Joanna Aizenberg, Ken Dill, Steve Quake, Robert de Ruyter van Steveninck
  • 2015: Phil Nelson (Chair), Joanna Aizenberg, Stan Leibler
  • 2014: Ray Goldstein (Chair), Phil Nelson (Vice Chair), Joanna Aizenberg, Michelle Wang, Bob Austin

Community Engagement Committee

  • 2022: Nancy Forde (Chair), Margaret Gardel, Suliana Manley, Ré Mansbach, Sarah Marzen, Andrew Mugler, Josh Shaevitz, Jianhua Xing
  • 2021: Srividya Iyer-Biswas & Orit Peleg  (Co-chairs), Tapomoy Bhattacharjee, Jasmine Nirody, Charlie Wright, Chantal Nguyen
  • 2020: Orit Peleg, Srividya Iyer-Biswas

Canvassing & Broadening Participation Committee

  • 2022: Margaret Cheung (Chair)

Early Career Award Committee

  • 2022: Raghu Parthasarathy (Chair), Bill Bialek, Michael Desai, Arpita Upadhyaya
  • 2021: Arpita Upadhyaya (Chair), Bill Bialek, Wouter Hoff, Raghuveer Parthasarathy, Jennifer Ross

Nominees and award and office holders are expected to meet standards of professional conduct and integrity as described in the APS Ethics Guidelines. Violations of these standards may disqualify people from consideration or lead to revocation of honors or removal from office.