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Announcement of 2021 GIMS Student Presentation Awards

By Stephan Addo posted 06-25-2021 13:28


Dear GIMS members:

As announced in Fall 2020, we successfully launched our first 2021 Student Presentation Award sponsored by GIMS in conjunction with the American Physical Society (APS) 2021 March meeting. We had ~ 50 student participants in GIMS sessions competing for the awards. On the basis of the evaluations of all contributed oral presentations by the assigned judges, we have selected six award winners for their outstanding presentations on high-impact work representing significant advances in the field of instrumentation or measurement sciences.

The winners are listed as below:

Name Affiliation Talk Title Session Student level
Jyotirmai Singh Stanford University Precision Metrology with Radiofrequency Quantum Upconverters Detectors, Sensors, and Transducers Graduate
Elizabeth van Assendelft Stanford University Radio-frequency quantum upconverters for spin metrology Detectors, Sensors, and Transducers Graduate
Okan Koksal Cornell University Coherent Exciton-Trion-Polaritons in 2D materials: Highly Correlated States of Matter and Light Experimental Optical Spectroscopic Measurements of 2D Materials I Graduate
Chris Adambukulam University of New South Wales An ultra-stable 1.5 tesla permanent magnet assembly for cryogenic spin qubit experiments Innovations in Measurement Science Graduate
Juliet Nwagwu Harvard University Ultra-Low Vibration Laboratory based on a Cylindrical Inertia Block Advances in Scanned Probe Microscopy II Undergrad
Stephen Taylor Stanford University A scanning quantum cryogenic atom microscope at 6 K Advances in Scanned Probe Microscopy II Graduate

The accomplishment of the first GIMS student presentation award relies on all the efforts from the judges, session chairs and the GIMS committee. We’d like to acknowledge them and all the judges including Prof. J. Patrick Clancy from McMaster University, Prof. Angela Di Fulvio from University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Dr. Joseph Hagmann from National Institute of Standards and Technology, Prof. Elias Garratt from Michigan State University, Dr. Michael Armstrong from Lawrence Livermore National Lab, Dr. Laurel Winter from Los Alamos National Laboratory, Dr. Roger Proksch from Oxford Instruments, Dr. Stephen Jesse from Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Prof. Alex Frano from University of California San Diego.

We will announce the information of awards winners on the GIMS website. The winners will receive an APS-issued certificate recognizing their achievement along with a monetary prize. We hope this award will encourage more students to work with and join the Instrument and Measurement Science topical group. 

Thank you for your continued attention and we look forward to seeing you next year in the GIMS sessions at the 2022 APS March meeting!



GIMS Student Awards Committee

Shan Wu, Matthew Smylie, Lahsen Assoufid