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2022 GIMS Student Presentation Awards Announcement

By Madison Mincevich posted 02-28-2023 14:56


Announcement of 2022 GIMS Student Presentation Awards

Dear GIMS members:

As announced in Fall 2021, we held our 2022 Student Presentation Awards sponsored by the Topical Group on Instrument & Measurement Science (GIMS), in conjunction with the American Physical Society (APS) 2022 March Meeting. This year, about 50 student participants in GIMS sessions competed for the awards. On the basis of the evaluations of all contributed oral presentations by the assigned judges, we have selected 6 award winners for their outstanding presentations on high-impact work representing significant advances in the field of instrumentation or measurement sciences. The winners are listed below:



Talk title


Student level

Daehun Lee

University of Texas at Austin

Visualization of acoustic mode conversion and power flow in suspended thin-film phononic device

Learning and Analyticals for Measurements


Karma Morey

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Automated polarization control for application in time-resolved second harmonic generation experiments

Scattering Science and Methods


Louis Beaudoin

Université de Sherbrooke

Probing quasi two-dimensional materials using Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

Instrumentation 1: Gas, NMR,



William Huxter

ETH Zurich

Scanning Gradiometry of Magnetic and Electric Fields with a Single Nitrogen-Vacancy Sensor

Advances in Scanned Probe Microscopy


Stephanie Ribet

Northwestern University

Enhancing Symmetry Breaking Defects in Materials with a STEM Phase Plate

Microscopy 1: Electrons, THz, Optical


Isak McGieson

Oregon State University

Kinetic and thermodynamic measurements of the crystallization of phase change materials using transmission electron microscopy and nanocalorimetry

Microscopy 1: Electrons, THz, Optical


The GIMS Student Awards Committee gratefully acknowledges the contributions of the chairs of the 2022 GIMS sessions and the 2022 judges, who included Prof. Chris Jacobsen from Northwestern University affiliation, Prof. Melissa Santala from Oregon State University, Prof. Alexander Gray from Temple University, Dr. Shan Wu from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and Prof. Matt Smylie from Hofstra University.

The winners will receive an APS-issued certificate recognizing their achievement along with a monetary prize ($100  each).  The  details  of  the  awards  information  will  be  posted  on  the  GIMS  website ( We hope these awards will encourage more students to work with and join the Group on Instrument and Measurement Science.

Thank you for your continued attention and we look forward to seeing you next year at the GIMS sessions at the 2023 APS March Meeting!


GIMS Student Awards Committee

Shan Wu, Matthew Smylie, Lahsen Assoufid