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Fall 2013 Newsletter 

Steven S Rosenblum, Editor

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In this issue

  • From the Editor by Steven S Rosenblum


  • Helping students think about industrial career by John Rumble
  • Is industry really a “nontraditional” career? by Jeffrey Hunt

Announcements & Meetings

  • Pake Prize
  • Distinguished Lectureship on the Applications of Physics
  • Enterprise: Physics Today's newest online department by Charles Day
  • Updating FIAP’s Bylaws
  • Industrial Physics Fellow Joins APS
  • FIAP Program for the March APS Meeting, March 3-7, 2014 by David Seiler
Contributors: Charles Day, Jefferey Hunt, John Rumble, David Seiler
Editorial board: Robert Celotta, Alex Demkov, Carlos Gutierrez, Ernesto Marinero
Editor in chief: Steven S Rosenblum