Prizes & Awards

IUPAP C10 2025 Early Career Scientist Prize for the Structure and Dynamics of Condensed Matter Physics

The IUPAP C10 Commission is pleased to announce the Early Career Scientist Prize, which celebrates  remarkable achievements in the study of condensed matter structure and dynamics. This prestigious award  is designed to recognize early career scientists who have shown exceptional potential and significant  accomplishments in experimental and theoretical physics, particularly in emergent phenomena in  condensed matter.  

Eligibility Criteria:
Nominees for the prize must be within eight years of receiving their Ph.D., excluding any career breaks,  by the nomination deadline. This accolade aims to honor those who have demonstrated significant  achievements and have the potential for future contributions to the field. IUPAP encourages nominations  of women and other underrepresented groups.  

Nomination Guidelines: 
Nominations must be submitted by a senior member of the research community; self-nominations are  not accepted. A complete nomination package should include:  

 A cover letter written by the nominator, not exceeding 1000 words, highlighting the nominee's  contributions and their impact on major challenges in the field.  

 A concise prize citation (up to 30 words).  

 A brief curriculum vitae of the nominee (no more than 3 pages).  

 A list of up to five key publications with citation statistics, full author lists, and a brief description  (up to 300 words each) of their significance.  

 At least one endorsement letter from a distinguished colleague who has not supervised the  nominee during their graduate or postdoctoral studies.  

Submission Details: 
All documents must be written in English and compiled into a single PDF file. Please email this file to  the IUPAP-C10 Commission Secretary at, and cc the Commission Chair at  

The deadline for nominations is August 12, 2024.  

Award Details: 
The recipient will receive a prize of €1,000, a medal, and a certificate.  

Selection Process: 
The prize will be awarded by members of the C10 Commission, with the winner announced on the  IUPAP website.  

Award Ceremony: 
The Prize Lecture and Award Ceremony will take place during the 2025 March Meeting of the American  Physical Society in Anaheim, California, from March 16-21, in conjunction with the Division of Material  Physics (DMP) and the Division of Condensed Matter Physics (DCMP).