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Student Travel Grant Program

Beginning with the 2022 LS/FIO conference, the grant amount will be increased to $1000.

Through this program, DLS provides partial funding (up to $1000/grant) for travel expenses for a limited number of graduate or undergraduate students to attend and participate in person at CLEO, the APS March meeting, or Frontiers In Optics/Laser Science. To be eligible, the student must be a member of APS-DLS and must be the presenting author on an accepted oral or poster presentation. The student’s mentor must also be a DLS member. Students who have previously received a travel grant are not eligible for a second travel grant.

Application material includes the two forms attached below, your proof of conference acceptance, and a letter of support from the mentor. Please submit these to by the deadline for the conference that you are attending.

Please note: DLS membership is required for both the student and their mentor.

Application Deadlines for 2024:

  • FIO/LS - August 19th, 2024

Student Travel Grant Application Form

For questions, contact: Juliet Gopinath.

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