About Division of Laser Science

Division of Laser Science was established in 1985. DLS promotes laser science interests within the APS and represents such interests with other societies. Sponsors the Laser Science (LS) Conference, the Annual Meeting of the Division of Laser Science, which includes the Symposium on Undergraduate Research, and cosponsors the CLEO Conference. Sponsors awards and educational programs, including APS Arthur L. Schawlow Prize in Laser Science, APS Fellowship, Distinguished Traveling Lecturer Program, New Laser Scientists Conference.

Laser Science Conference

The Laser Science Conference is the Annual Meeting of the Division of Laser Science and includes the Symposium for Undergraduate Research. This meeting is traditionally run jointly with the Annual Meeting of Optica, now known as Frontiers in Optics (FiO).

Frontiers in Optics + Laser Science

New Laser Scientists Conference

The DLS sponsored the 9th New Laser Scientist Conference (NLSC), a 1½ day mini-conference for new faculty and scientists doing laser related research, in conjunction with the October 2016 FiO/LS meeting of the Optica/DLS in Rochester, NY. The NLSC helps to establish a peer group for new laser scientists in the DLS and includes roundtable discussions as well as interactions with past funding program managers. This conference is designed to benefit new faculty and scientists who are within a few years of their first permanent appointment. NLSC-9 was coordinated by Jason Jones (University of Arizona) and Thomas Weinacht (Stony Brook University).

Reports and Programs from Past Conferences:

Symposium on Undergraduate Research

The Symposium on Undergraduate Research has been a feature of the annual meeting of the Division of Laser Science of the American Physical Society (APS-DLS) for more than twenty years, and has showcased the research work of approximately 800 students during that time. These DLS annual meetings have been colocated with the annual meetings of Optica (formerly OSA) in the fall, and the students' presentations often describe their work during the previous summer. The Symposium has been supported by the DLS, Optica, and the NSF, along with several corporate sponsors. The NSF has played a vital role by providing the research opportunities for many of the students through its REU programs, as well as by direct support of the event.

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