Executive Meeting, March 16, 2010: DCOMP decided to have a policy page with deadlines on the web.


The target date for having committees appointed is May 1.

(Present Committees [# statutory members + # appointed by DCOMP Chair + # proposed for appointment by APS Council]:

Program [4+5+0], Nomination [0+4+1], Fellowship [1+4+0], Information Committee [0+3+0], International Liaison [0+3+0], Rahman Prize [1+0+4], Metropolis Prize [1+4+0].)

The target time for Elections is November. This is earlier than the dealines for elections spelled out in VII.3 and VII.4 of the bylaws.


The Deadlines for Proposal to the Program Committee are: June 15 for both the March and April Meeting. The Chair of the Program Committee will send out a solicitation before April 15.

The Deadline for DCOMP Fellowship Nominations is June 1. The Chair of the Fellowship Committee will send out a solicitation before April 15.

Deadline for Nominations for the Rahman Prize and the Metropolis Award is August 1.

Policy Approved by Executive Committee

The following policy approved unanimously by executive committee e-mail vote on May 12, 2012.

Supplemental funding is now available to partially support travel for DCOMP members attending an annual meeting that is not their home meeting. Members of the executive committee interested in being reimbursed will make the request to the Secretary/Treasurer prior to the meeting and have the amount approved by the Chair afterward. Members in general will only be approved for funding if other sources are not available.

The main meeting of the executive committee alternates two years at the March meeting and one year at the April meeting. The next MMs will be at the March Meeting in 2013 and 2014 and the April meeting in 2015.

Unanimous Executive Committee Email Vote

Unanimous Executive Committee e-mail vote, June 30, 2010:

Policy on Fellowship and Award Committees:

Immediately after appointments to the Fellowship Committee have been completed, the Chair of the Fellowship Committee will communicate its composition to the Executive Committee.

The Deadline for Fellowship Nominations is June 1. Immediately afterwards, the Chair of the Fellowship Committee will communicate the list of nominations to the Executive Committee. (Note that according to the bylaws the recommendations of the committee need approval of the Executive committee.)

For Other Awards Committees of the Division, that are not governed by overriding APS rules, the same procedures as for the Fellowship Committee hold with the exception of individual nomination deadlines and that the Chairs of such committees are then appointed by the Chair of DCOMP from the pool of present and former DCOMP Executive Committee Members.

Passed by the executive committee via e-mail vote on February 14, 2013.

The DCOMP ad hoc committee on computational physics and publications presented the following guidelines to APS to consider when evaluating its publication policy:

  1. Affirming that significant advances, including both computational physics results and computational methods that have direct relevance for solving physics problems, are within the scope of the appropriate sections of Physical Review and Physical Review Letters.
  2. Allowing and making it known to authors and referees that computational physics code, inputs, and reasonable amounts of data can be included as supplementary material to articles published in APS archival journals.
  3. Consider adding to the charge to referees of manuscripts on computational physics papers that they consider the reliability and repeatability of the computations presented as well as whether sufficient information is given to allow assessment of the results.

Executive Committee Meeting

At our Executive Committee Meeting the Division of Computational Physics (DCOMP) adopted the following policy:

For the coming year, from March 2019-March 2020 small expenditures (<$500) that are, in aggregate, less than $5000 may be authorized at the discretion of the Chair. All such requests are to be reported to the Executive committee as well as the Chair’s decision.

Passed by unanimous vote.