About Division of Computational Physics

The division, founded in 1986, explores the use of computers in physics research and education as well as the role of physics in the development of computer technology. Its goals are to promote research and development in computational physics, enhance the prestige and professional standing of its members, encourage scholarly publication, and promote international cooperation in these activities.

The Division of Computational Physics (DCOMP) is governed by an executive committee with a four-year cycle of Vice Chair, Chair-elect, current Chair and past Chair, assisted by a Secretary-Treasurer on a three-year term and advised by Members at Large, also on a three-year term, plus the unit's APS Councilor. Our committees and bylaws provide more details on unit activities and the timing thereof. Reflecting the cross-cutting nature of the unit, our annual business meeting is held at the April Meeting once every three years and at the March Meeting in the other years.

APS members who wish to support the activities of DCOMP, which include sponsorship of prizes and awards, invited symposia, student/postdoc travel awards, and fellowships, can join DCOMP now.

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