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What a Spectacular DBIO APS March Meeting Program in 2022!

By Margaret S Cheung posted 10-15-2021 12:00


Dear APS DBIO members and affiliates,

On behalf of the Program Committee from the Division of Biological Physics (the DBIO Unit), I am excited to announce the Scientific Program of the American Physical Society March Meeting (APS MM) 2022. The APS March Meeting will be held in a hybrid format (in-person plus online) from March the 14th to the 18th in 2022. The location for the in-person meeting will be in Chicago (USA). More details about the hybrid format will be announced by the APS who is still consulting with the vendors about taking necessary safety measures on vaccination requirement and other precautions.

This is a collaborative effort with 60+ co-organizers who have volunteered their valuable time in putting together a spectacular scientific program including 58 Focus Sessions (starting at 04.0 Biological Physics on the Abstract) and 8 Invited Sessions listed below.  The range of diverse topics as well as the demographics of the invited speakers are equally impressive.  Among 100+ invited speakers, the ratio between male and female invited speakers is 2:1. ~20% of them are international speakers from 12+ countries.

This is the first APS MM with an in-person component after the last two APS MMs went virtual.  I thank everyone for their hard work contributing to our beloved community by keeping us together during the pandemic. Particularly, the Engage Team of DBIO led by faculty ( @Srividya Iyer-Biswas and @Orit Peleg) and rock star postdocs and early-career scientists ( @Tapomoy Bhattacharjee, @Jasmine A Nirody @Chantal Nguyen , and @Charles Wright) has organized a series of Tweetorials and happy hours on-line.  And for this, I cannot express my gratitude enough. Please follow @ApsDbio on twitter and please use the hash tag #apsmarch when you tweet your talk or events at the MM. I hope it will continue to serve as a useful tool for the participants, whether in-person or virtual, to interact socially at the MM.

Please be reminded that the Deadline for the Oral Abstract submission is on October 27th (2021). Please submit your abstract using this link 
[The DBIO unit opted out the poster session in this cycle].

Also, please join us as a DBIO member! The size of the unit membership determines the number of the awarded APS fellows in each unit, as well as our influence as a collective voice in the general Physics Community (Yes! We are Physicists!).  We need your support to help with the growth of our beloved DBIO by becoming a unit member, where you call this place your professional home.

We look forward to seeing you in Chicago in 2022!


@Margaret S Cheung (Program Chair, Chair-Elect of DBIO)

DBIO Unit Program Committee: @Margaret Gardel, @Joshua W Shaevitz, @Serena Bradde, @Moumita Das, @Omar A. Saleh, @Nancy Forde Taras Pogorelov, and over 60 co-organizers of the Focus/Invited Sessions

DBIO-sponsored Invited Sessions:

Sensing chemical spaces
Molecular Machines
Topological invariants in biology and chemistry
Rheology of Biological Tissue
Nonequilibrium statistical physics models of the origins of life
Learning dynamical models across physical systems
Optimal trade-offs determining quantitative biological parameters
and the DBIO Delbruck Prize Symposium