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Soliciting topics for the pre-identified focus sessions, the focus sessions, and the invited sessions at the 2022 APS MM

By Margaret S Cheung posted 05-18-2021 20:00


The Division of Biological Physics needs your ideas and efforts to build our program for the 2022 March Meeting!

We have several ways for you to help: 

  1. Submit a proposal for an Invited Session
  2. Submit a proposal for a Focus Session
  3. Volunteer to be co-organizer for a pre-identified Focus Session 

Based on their success last year, we have identified 13 areas that we’d like to have Focus Sessions on: Evolutionary & Ecological Dynamics, Immune Sensing & Response, Macromolecular Phase Separation, Mechanics of Cells and Tissues, Biological Active Matter, Cytoskeleton, Proteins, Animal Behavior and Social Interactions, Robophysics, Genome Organization, Biomaterials, Biofilms, and Neural Systems.

If you are interested in organizing and defining a Focus Session in any of these areas, please use this expedited form.

If you wish to propose a new session (invited or focus), click the appropriate link above to be taken to the appropriate submission form.

Submissions are due by May 30, 2021.

Email with questions/comments.

Thank you for supporting DBIO and contributing to the success of the APS
March Meeting!

Margaret Cheung
Chair-Elect, DBIO Unit.


Below, please find the members of the APS DBIO Program Committee for the March Meeting 2022. 

@Margaret S Cheung (Chair, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory/University of Washington)
@Serena Bradde(Physical Review E)

@MOUMITA DAS(Rochester Institute of Technology)

@Nancy Forde(Simon Fraser Univ)

@Margaret Gardel(Univ of Chicago)

Taras Pogorelov (UIUC)

@Omar A. Saleh(UCSB)

@Joshua W Shaevitz(Princeton)