• Author(s): Ana Beatriz Monteiro-Carvalho, L. Sigaud, and E. C. Montenegro Researchers have quantified a pathway for the formation of molecular oxygen from the interaction of carbon dioxide with electrons, key information for searches of life on other worlds. [Phys. Rev. Lett. 132, 153002] Published Thu Apr 11, 2024
  • Author(s): Yunpeng Ji, Jianyi Chen, Grant L. Schumacher, Gabriel G. T. Assumpção, Songtao Huang, Franklin J. Vivanco, and Nir Navon We report the first observation of the quantum Joule-Thomson (JT) effect in ideal and unitary Fermi gases. We study the temperature dynamics of these systems while they undergo an energy-per-particle conserving rarefaction. For scale-invariant systems, whose equations of state satisfy the relation $… [Phys. Rev...
  • Author(s): Fen Zou, Lei Du, Yong Li, and Hui Dong Frequency up-conversion, enabled by molecular optomechanical coupling, has recently emerged as a promising approach for converting infrared signals into the visible range through quantum coherent conversion of signals. However, detecting these converted signals poses a significant challenge due to t… [Phys. Rev. Lett. 132, 153602] Published Thu Apr 11, 2024
  • Author(s): Thomas Botzung and Pierre Nataf We show how to perform exact diagonalizations of $\mathrm{SU}(N)$ Fermi-Hubbard models on $L$-site clusters separately in each irreducible representation (irrep) of $\mathrm{SU}(N)$. Using the representation theory of the unitary group $\mathrm{U}(L)$, we demonstrate that a convenient orthonormal ba… [Phys. Rev. Lett. 132, 153001] Published Wed Apr 10, 2024
  • Author(s): Nir Gutman, Alexey Gorlach, Offek Tziperman, Ron Ruimy, and Ido Kaminer The manipulation of quantum many-body systems is a crucial goal in quantum science. Entangled quantum states that are symmetric under qubits permutation are of growing interest. Yet, the creation and control of symmetric states has remained a challenge. Here, we introduce a method to universally con… [Phys. Rev. Lett. 132, 153601] Published Wed Apr 10, 2024
  • Author(s): Niccolò Baldelli, Cesar R. Cabrera, Sergi Julià-Farré, Monika Aidelsburger, and Luca Barbiero The study of geometrically frustrated many-body quantum systems is of central importance to uncover novel quantum mechanical effects. We design a scheme where ultracold bosons trapped in a one-dimensional state-dependent optical lattice are modeled by a frustrated Bose-Hubbard Hamiltonian. A derivat… [Phys. Rev. Lett. 132, 153401] Published...
  • Author(s): G. Labeyrie, J. G. M. Walker, G. R. M. Robb, R. Kaiser, and T. Ackemann We report on the observation of spontaneously drifting coupled spin and quadrupolar density waves in the ground state of laser driven Rubidium atoms. These laser-cooled atomic ensembles exhibit spontaneous magnetism via light mediated interactions when submitted to optical feedback by a retroreflect… [Phys. Rev. Lett. 132, 143402] Published Fri Apr 05, 2024