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Virtual AMO Seminar Series (VAMOS)

By Stephan Addo posted 11-19-2020 19:27


The Virtual AMO Seminar series (VAMOS) is a weekly AMO seminar with the goals of facilitating the communication of scientific results and enhancing community engagement. VAMOS aims to bring approachable and engaging talks from leading AMO researchers to a broad and diverse audience.

Here is some information regarding key aspects of the series.

  1. Time: Weekly, Friday, 3:00 PM Eastern time (Noon Pacific).
  2. Accessing the talks: The talks can be attended by anyone interested on Zoom, or by YouTube livestream. Recordings of each talk are also posted to the VAMOS YouTube channel and can be watched at any time.
  3. Nominating speakers: the website has a nomination form. The organizers wish to broaden the scope of the seminars to include all areas of AMO physics. They request and strongly encourage nominations from all AMO community members.
  4. Questions: the audience may ask questions into the Zoom Q&A or the YouTube chat box at any time throughout the talk. A subset of the questions will be read out loud by a moderator at designated stopping points during and after the talk.
  5. Schedule: The schedule for future talks can be found here. You can also sign up for this email list to receive email announcements and updates about the seminar series.

Thank you. We look forward to your participation and your help in getting the word out on the series.

Be well, and stay healthy.

The VAMOS organizers