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The next Virtual AMO Seminar -- Friday September 24th

By Charles W S Conover posted 09-21-2021 18:43

The next Virtual AMO Seminar will take place on Friday, September 24th at the usual time of 3:00 PM Eastern, 2:00 PM Central, 1:00 PM Mountain, and Noon Pacific, and will be given by Tim Taminiau of TU Delft. The title and abstract are included below.

Up-to-date schedule information for all of the seminars in the series as well as a link to register for the Zoom webinar is available at the VAMOS website.   Once registered you will receive an individualized link that allows you to attend the seminars live on Zoom.  You can also watch live or asynchronously later on the VAMOS YouTube channel.    

September 24 Seminar: 

Tim  Taminiau, TU Delft

Quantum processors based on spins in diamond


Electron-nuclear spin systems based on optically active defects in diamond provide a promising platform for quantum networks, quantum simulations and quantum computation. We have recently shown that it is possible to detect and image large numbers of nuclear spins around a single NV center [1]. In this talk, I will review our recent progress in leveraging these systems for quantum simulations of many-body physics [2] and for the development of quantum computations [3].

[1] M. H. Abobeih et al., Nature 576, 411 (2019)
[2] J. Randall et al., arXiv:2107.00736 (2021)
[3] C. E. Bradley et al., Phys. Rev. X. 9, 031045 (2019)