NES Annual Meeting


Invited talks are 45 minutes (40 minutes talk + 5 minutes Q&A). Contributed talks are 15 minutes (12 minutes talk + 3 minutes Q&A).
A significant number of poster boards and easels will be provided on the venue. The boards have the size of 40” x 60”.

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Program Info

Meeting starts at 1pm on October 14, and ends at 1:30pm on October 15. Poster and banquet will be on the night of October 14.

Friday Afternoon (10/14)

Joint Plenary Session - Room Dem112
Time Speaker Topic
1:00:00 PM Dean Gruden Welcome from UNH
1:10:00 PM Prashant Sharma (NES) Welcome from APS
1:20:00 PM Per Berglund Welcome from Physics Department
1:30:00 PM Abhay Despande Spin at the EIC
2:15:00 PM Peter Schiffer Artificial Spin Ice: A Playground for Frustration
3:00:00 PM COFFEE BREAK - In the Lobby
Parallel Sessions 1 - Condensed Matter and Nuclear Physics
Condensed Matter Sessions Nuclear Physics Sessions
Time Room Topic & Speaker Room Topic & Speaker
3:15:00 PM Dem112 Andrew Kent: A new spin on magnetism with applications in information processing DeM240 Douglas Higinbothan: Nuclear Physics with polarized beams and polarized targets at Jefferson Lab
4:00:00 PM Dem112 Luqiao Liu: Spin Torque Control of Magnetic Multiples in Topological Antiferromagnets DeM240 James Maxwell: Probing Nuclear Structure with Polarized Targets at Jefferson Lab
4:45:00 PM End of Invited Session 1
Parallel Sessions 2 - Condensed Matter and Nuclear Physics
Condensed Matter Sessions Nuclear Physics Sessions
Time Room Topic & Speaker Room Topic & Speaker
8:00:00 AM Lobby Continental Breakfast Lobby Continental Breakfast
8:30:00 AM DEM251 Tyrel McQueen: The Convergence of Quantum Materials and Quantum Information Science Dem240 Drew Weisenberger: Applications of Nuclear Physics
9:15:00 AM DEM251 Kemp Plumb: Bond ordering and molecular orbital fluctuations in a cluster Mott insulator Dem240 Thorsten Maly: Instrumentation for High- and Low-Field/High-Frequency DNP/EPR Spectroscopy
10:00:00 AM Lobby Coffee Break & Lab Tours Lobby Coffee Break & Lab Tours
10:30:00 AM Dem251 Liang Fu: TBA Dem240 David Kawall: An anomaly in an anomaly? First results from the muon g-2 experiment at FNAL
11:15:00 AM Dem251 Chandrasekhar Ramanathan: Spectral Diffusion of Phosphorus Donors in Silicon at High Magnetic Field Dem240 Andrew Puckett: Polarized 3He experiments at Jlab
12:00:00 Lobby Box Lunch Lobby Box Lunch
5:30:00 PM 3 chimneys  Poster Session
6:30:00 PM 3 chimneys Jiadong Zang: Dinner
8:30:00 PM Close of Dinner

Saturday (10/15)

Parallel Sessions 3 - Condensed Matter and Nuclear Physics
Condensed Matter Sessions Nuclear Physics Sessions Condensed Matter 2 Sessions General Topics Sessions
Time Room Topic & Speaker Room Topic & Speaker  Room Topic & Speaker  Room  Topic & Speaker 
1:00:00 PM Dem251 Junghun Han: Topological Thermal Hall Effect of Magnons in Magnetic Skyrmion Lattice Dem240 Elizabeth Scheureman: The Electric Polarizability of J/Psi Dem253 Tsung-Han Yang: Molecular spin-orbital fluctuations in cluster Jeff-3/2 Mott insulator Dem338 Richard Price: Binary Black Hole Mergers: Comparison of Numerical Relativity and Particle Perturbation Methods
1:15:00 PM Dem251 Benjamin Zager: Chiral spin texture in the anomalous Hall antiferromagnet CoNb3S6 Dem240 David Ruth: Proton Spin Structure & Polarizabilities in the Strong QCD Regime Dem253 Brendan Sheehan: A Clock Transition in Borosilicate Glass Dem338 David Kraft: Study of Kirkwood Gaps in a Planar Restricted Three-Body Formulation
1:30:00 PM Dem251 Matthew Enjalran: Avoidance of magnetic frustration: charge and magnetic ordering in the triangular lattice Hubbard model Dem240 Elena Long: Tensor Polarization: A New Window into Nuclear Structure Dem253 Ehan Williams: Comparison of power spectra in diamond at 2.5 GHz for nitrogenic defects Dem338 Hassan ElSayed: The First Law of Thermodynamics in AdS5 in the Presence of Conformal AnomaliesElSayed
1:45:00 PM Dem251 Kuangyin Deng: Dynamically tunable magnon-magnon coupling in synthetic antiferromagnets Dem240 Allison Zac: Achieving High Deuteron Tensor Polarization Using Dynamic Nuclear Polarization Dem253 Dan Liu: Jammed disks of two sizes and weights in a narrow channel Dem338 Brennen Black: The large amplitude simple pendulum and Fourier series; an analysis for undergraduates
2:00:00 PM Dem251 Qiaochu Wang: Magnetic phase competition in the highly frustrated iridate K2IrCl6 Dem240 Michael McClellan: DNP @ UNH: Vector and Tensor Polarization Extraction from Line-Shape Analysis Dem253 Michael DiScala: Dimensionality dependent electronic structure in exfoliated van-der-Waals antiferromagnet NiPS3 Dem338 Lucas Roosli: Electrically Controlled Spectral Properties of Polymer-Dispersed Liquid Crystals Tailored to Privacy Windows Applications
2:15:00 PM Dem251 Xin Li: Exceptional points in magnetic systems Dem240 Hadrick Green: Correlations of Prompt Fission Radiation in Measurements with DANCE and NEUANCE Dem253 Shawna Hollen: The many faces of 1T-TaS2: the role of dynamics, layer stacking, and defects in the electronic ground state Dem338 Nina Christenson: Studying the Polarization of Protoplanetary Nebulae using Newly Developed Polarization Sensitive Imaging Sensors
2:30:00 PM CLOSE OF CONFERENCE CLOSE OF CONFERENCE CLOSE OF CONFERENCE Dem338 Donald Lacoy: The Quantum Certainty Knowledge Theory: An Indeterminate and Determinate Theory of Quantum Interaction
2:45:00 PM Dem338 Jeffrey Boyd: A Unifying Theory for Quantum Physics
2:30-4:30pm Dem251 APS-NES Executive Committee Meeting