Past Meetings

2022 Spring APS-NES: Quantum Computing in the Physics Curriculum

April 16, 2022

Invited speakers:

David Bacon — Google Research

Brian La Cour — University of Texas, Austin, Center for Quantum Research

Ezekiel Johnston-Halperin — Ohio State University; Director, QuSTEAM

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The past meetings of the New England Section of the American Physical Society, meeting themes and the host institutions are as listed below. See newsletters for meeting information.


Spring: Boston College: Energy Matters

Fall: Wentworth Institute of Technology: Physics at the Extremes


Fall: Bridgewater State University: Biophysics and Optics


Fall: Williams College: From the Nanoscale to the Tevascale


Spring: University of Massachusetts Lowell, Lowell, MA: Materials: The Foundation of Our Future

Fall: University of Massachusetts Amherst, Amherst, MA: Climate Change and the Future of Nuclear Power


Spring: Union College, Schenectady, NY: Modern Nuclear Applications

Fall: Brown University, Providence, RI: Nanobiophysics in the 21st Century


Spring: Northeastern University, Boston, MA: Elementary Particle Physics in the 21st Century

Fall: University of New Hampshire, Durham, NH:Our Universe – 400 Years After Galileo


Spring: The United States Coast Guard Academy, New London CT: The Science of Homeland Security

Fall: University of Massachusetts, Boston, MA: Out of Equilibrium


Spring: University of Maine, Orono: Statistical Physics and Applications

Fall: University of Connecticut, Storrs CT: Carbon in the 21st Century


Spring: Boston University: Physics and Cosmology - at the interface

Fall: The College of the Holy Cross: The Physics of Sports


Spring: Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT): Einstein

Fall: University of Vermont: Nano and Soft Matter Physics


Spring: Philips Exeter Academy: Astronomy and Space Physics

Fall: Pratt & Whitney Corporation: Climate and Flight


Spring: Williams College: Quantum Bits, Ultrafast Pulses, Beyond the Visible Spectrum, and Teaching Physics

Fall: Bates College: "Physics We Haven't Told You Yet" and "Passing The Torch: Helping new Physics Teachers without getting burned (out)"


Spring: Brandeis University: Expanding Horizons of Physics

Fall: Bridgewater State College: Exploring the Physics of the Big and Small


Spring: Middlebury College: Chaos, Complexity, and Self - Organization

Fall: Keene State College: Confluence of Physics & Chemistry


Spring: Rhode Island College: Physics, Industry, and Society, Teaching Physics

Fall: Central Connecticut State Univ.: Photonics and Electroactive materials, Industrial Roundtable, General Physics


Spring: Yale Univ.: History of Physics, Physics of water

Fall: Colby College (ME): Quantum Technology, Novel Semiconductors


Spring: Clark University: Granular Matter and Pattern Formation, Magnetism and Superconductivity

Fall: Univ. of New Hamp.: Advances in Condensed Matter& Undergraduate Education


Spring: Univ. of Maine: Tribology – Modern Perspectives on Friction & Related Phenomena

Fall: Hanscom AFB: Physics in Industry and Government


Spring: M.I.T. (MA): Relativity in Astrophysics: General and Applied Imaging (medical and otherwise)

Fall: Univ. of Vermont: Biophysics Quantum Devices & Nanostructures


Spring: Univ. of Connecticut: The Structure of the Nucleon Atom Manipulation & Nanoscience

Fall: Bowdoin College: History of Physics - 100th anniversary of discovery of x-rays and radioactivity, Magnetic Recording Technologies


Spring: Harvard University: Science, Society, and Education, Quantum Mechanics at Work

Fall: Brown University: Dark Matter The Search for the Top Quark


Spring: Williams College: Laser cooling and Trapping of Atoms Buckyballs and other Fullerenes

Fall: Amherst College: Precision Measurements, Physical Phenomena in Restricted Dimensions


Spring: Wellesley College: Physics in Medicine Physics and the Environment

Fall: Dartmouth College: Astronomy and Space Physics Planetary Magnetism


Spring: Smith College: Dynamics in Confined systems & News about nu's

Fall: Bates College: Large-scale Universe, Lasers: Cooling & Trapping—spectroscopy, dynamics


Spring: University of Lowell: Optics (Applications& Joint mtg. w. OSA research, education, scattering)

Fall: Yale University: Major Accelerator Facilities Test of Discrete Symmetries


Spring: Wesleyan University: Synchrotron radiation, advanced light sources, Foundations of Quantum Mechanics

Fall: University of Maine: Radon in the environment Alternative energy sources


Spring: Fairfield University: Gravity & Perturbations High-temp. superconductors

Fall: Univ. of Massachusetts: Physics of Small Things


Spring: Mount Holyoke: Research at undergraduate institutions

Fall: Middlebury College: Physics of Sport, Astrophys. incl SN/1987A


Spring: Univ. of Rhode Island: The Atomic Nucleus: From Quarks to Supernovae, Physics and Climate

Fall: U. New Hampshire: Probing the nucleus, Symmetries


Spring: Clark U. (MA): Computer Simulation in Physics, Instrumentation in Condensed Matter Physics

Fall: U. Conn (CT): CHAOS & Physics behind Superaccelerators


Spring: Brown U. (MA): Amorphous Solids Electro-Weak Interactions

Fall: Northeastern U. (MA): Biological Physics Quantum Hall Effect


Spring: Bowdoin Coll. (ME): Physics of Electronic Devices for the 80's, Liquid Crystals

Fall: U. Vermont (VT): Miniaturization in Solid State Electronics, Physical Probes of Biological Systems


Spring: Boston U. (MA): Degenerate Fermi Fluids Polymer Physics

Fall: Dartmouth (NH): Free Electron Lasers Old and New Superfluids


Spring: Worcester P.I. (MA): Biophysics, Nonlinear Optics

Fall: U. Maine at Orono (ME): Submicron Physics Environmental Physics


Spring: Univ. of Rhode Island: Physical Oceanography, Physics in One and Two Dimensions

Fall: M.I.T. (MA): Terrestrial Energy Sources& Extraterrestrial Energy


Spring: University of Lowell (MA): The Sweep of Physics, Education and Careers in Physics

Fall: Bates College (ME): Experimental Relativity, Current Applications of Physics


Spring: Wesleyan University (CT): Contemporary Astrophysics & Lasers in Research and Development

Fall: Williams College(MA): High Energy Astrophysics (HEAO), Quark Dynamics


Spring: Springfield Technical Community Coll (MA): Physics and Computers: Applications in Research and Education

Fall: Univ. of New Hampshire: The Subject I'd Like to Talk About Most, Structure of Amorphous Materials


Spring: Southeastern Mass. Univ.: Astrophysics Nuclear Energy: Problems and Alternatives

Fall: U. Conn. at Storrs: Synchrotron Radiation New Materials Technology


Spring: Quinnipiac College (CT): Physics in Medicine High Energy Physics

Fall: Univ. Maine at Orono: Biomedical Engineering Surface Physics


Spring: Brown University (RI): Models of Learning Oceanography

Fall: Clark University (MA): History of Physics Alternative Energy Sources


Spring: University of Hartford and United Aircraft (CT): Laser Physics Fusion Power

Fall: U. Mass at Amherst: Astrophysics, New Accelerator Physics


Spring: Boston College (MA): Space Physics and Optical Properties of Ions in Crystals

Fall: University of Vermont: Disordered Solids and Liquid State


Spring: Amherst College (MA): Physics and the Environment Non-Linear Optics

Fall: Yale University (CT): Current State of Nuclear Physics


Spring: Boston University (MA): Low-Temperature Physics, General Relativity

Fall: Univ. of Maine at Orono: Near Future of Physics and Amorphous State of Matter


Spring: U. Conn. at Storrs: Atomic & Molecular Physics X-Ray Astronomy

Fall: Mount Holyoke College (MA): Astrophysics


Spring: Tufts University (MA): High Energy Nuclear Physics

Fall: Dartmouth College (NH): Electron-Magnetic Field Interaction


Spring: UARL and Trinity College (CT): Behavior at Surfaces

Fall: Bates College (ME): Molecular Biophysics


Spring: Brown University (RI): Semiconductor Physics

Fall: Univ. of New Hampshire: Fields and Particles in Space


Spring: Worcester Polytechnic: Coherence and Lasers Institute (MA)

Fall: Univ. of Maine at Orono: Plasma Physics


Spring: Brandeis (MA): Atomic and Molecular Physics

Fall: Amherst College (MA): Atomic Collisions


Spring: Harvard University (MA): Research in High Energy Physics in the Cambridge Area

Fall: Wesleyan University (CT): Solid State Physics


Spring: Providence College (CT): Superconductivity

Fall: Yale University (CT): High Energy Physics


Spring: Mount Holyoke College (MA): Molecular Beam Research at Harvard University

Fall: Amherst College (MA): Physical Oceanography