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Nominations for NES Executive Committee Positions (2023-24)

By Madison Mincevich posted 09-28-2023 12:28


Nominations for Executive Committee Positions (2023-24)

The New England Section (NES) Nominating Committee is seeking your assistance in identifying a diverse slate of outstanding candidates to run for leadership positions within the Executive Committee.

Current positions open for nomination:

  • Vice Chair (1 position, 3-year term: serving annual terms as Vice Chair, then Chair, and finally Past Chair)

  • Secretary/Treasurer (1 position, 3-year term)

  • Member-at-Large (2 positions, 3-year term)

Elected candidates will begin their terms at the start of the calendar year. Current officers are listed on the NES website, as are officer duties and responsibilities within the unit bylaws

Deadline for nominations: October 27, 2023.

Nominations should include supportive remarks as well as contact information. Self-nominations are welcome!

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