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APS March Meeting 2013

Energy Research Opportunities Workshop

Sunday, March 17, 2013
8:30 a.m. - 6:30 p.m.
Baltimore Convention Center

Cost: Free

Overview and Goals

This one-day workshop for graduate students and postdocs highlighted the contributions physics-related research can make towards meeting the nation's energy needs in environmentally friendly ways. The workshop was aimed at young physicists who are concerned about the environment and who would like to find ways to use their scientific and quantitative skills to help meet the challenges that the world faces.

The workshop featured plenary talks by leaders in the field of energy research. After an overview talk, there were talks on different cutting-edge research areas. Each talk was aimed at the level of physics graduate students who are not experts in energy research. The goal of the workshop was to provide information to physics graduate students and postdocs on how they can contribute to energy and environmental solutions while doing exciting scientific research.


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Travel expense assistance was available and an informal reception followed the workshop for meeting participants sponsored by the Journal on Renewable and Sustainable Energy.

Energy Workshop 2013

The Energy Workshop was a premeeting event at the March Meeting 2013.

Over 160 people applied for the 80 available seats at the workshop. Participants were selected based on their answers to three questions on the registration form and their one-page CV's.

APS Annual March Meeting