Division of Particles & Fields

Established in 1967, the objective of the Division is the study of fundamental particles and fields, their structure, their interactions and interrelationships, the design and development of high energy accelerators, and the design and development of instrumentation techniques for high energy physics.

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  • New CPAD Website

    A new website for CPAD is now available. http://cpad-dpf.org/ CPAD, the Coordinating Panel for Advanced Detectors, seeks ...

  • APS has released a new   report   that provides recommendations to strengthen the nation’s STEM workforce, including building ...

  • The DPF Ethics Advisory Committee has been established in November 2020. The Committee shall consist of nine members appointed ...

  • Snowmass: NEW Timeline

    Dear members of the Snowmass community, We are writing to inform you that, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Snowmass ...

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