About Division of Physics of Beams

The Division was established in 1985. The objective of the Division of Physics of Beams is the advancement and diffusion of knowledge regarding the nature and behavior of beams and the instruments for their production and use. It provides to its members, and to all members of the American Physical Society, an opportunity for coordination and a forum for discussion and communication. In addition, the Division of Physics of Beams:

  • Promotes research and development in the science of beams;
  • Promotes applications of the science of beams (the use of beams themselves in the study of the properties of nuclei, condensed matter, etc. is not the principal interest of the Division);
  • Encourages scholarly publication;
  • Promotes education in beam science and technology;
  • Enhances the professional standing of its members; and
  • Endorses the APS Policy on Equal Professional Opportunity.