Past Meetings

2013 Winners of the Gallery of Fluid Motion Awards

2013 APS/DFD Milton van Dyke Award (Video)

V058: The Life of a Vortex Knot**
Dustin Kleckner, Martin Scheeler, William T.M. Irvine, University of Chicago

V036: Ignition Sequence of an Annular Multi-Injector Combustor**
Maxime Philip, Matthieo Boileau, Ronan Vicquelin, Thomas Schmitt, Daniel Durox, Jean-François Bourgoin, Sébastien Candel, Ecole Centrale Paris, France

V053: Catastrophic Cracking Courtesy of Quiescent Cavitation**
D. Jesse Daily, Ken Langley, Scott L. Thomson, Tadd T. Truscott, Brigham Young University

2013 APS/DFD Gallery of Fluid Motion Award (Video)

V067: Acoustophoretic Waltz: A Contactless Exothermal Reaction
Daniele Foresti, Dimos Poulikakos, ETH Zurich, Switzerland

V032: Elastic Swimmer on a Free Surface
Sophie Ramananrivo, Benjamin Thiria, Ramiro Godoy-Diana, ESPCI ParisTech / U. Paris Diderot, France

V045: Dancing Droplets
Nate J. Cira, Manu Prakash, Stanford University

2013 APS/DFD Milton van Dyke Award (Poster)

P022: Rayleigh-Taylor Instability in Artistic Creation**
Elsa de la Calleja, Sandra Zetina, Roberto Zenit, UNAM, Mexico

P021: Formation and Evolution of Cylindrically Diverging Detonation Waves in Gases**
Duowen Qian, John H.S. Lee, McGill University, Montreal Canada; Hoi Dick Ng, Concordia University, Montreal Canada

P009: Boundary Layer Bypass Transition**
Xiaohua Wu, Royal Military College of Canada; Parviz Moin, CTR, Stanford University

2013 APS/DFD Gallery of Fluid Motion Award (Poster)

P024: Jelly Christmas: Induced Drift in Juvenile Jellyfish
Janna Nawroth, John Dabiri Caltech

P020: Bubbles in Complex Microgeometrics at Large Capillary Numbers
Martin Sauzade, Thomas Cubaud, Stony Brook University

P017: The Morning Glory Cloud: Flow Visualization by Nature
Zaim Ouazzani, MIT; Jorg Hacker, Flinders University; Rob Thompson, Baddog Productions; Thomas Peacock, MIT

**Top 3 Videos and Top 3 Posters are selected for Milton van Dyke Awards.