Photo Gallery

This gallery is a work in progress, and submissions are welcome...we are interested in highlighting the wide variety of topics covered by fluid dynamics, and using the many beautiful images to convey to the research and teaching communities, as well as the public, the breadth of the subject.

Please consider forwarding your images to us so that they can be posted on this website to be shared with your colleagues and the public. Contributors are asked to provide:
  1. a short title,
  2. author(s),
  3. a short but complete caption,
  4. two sizes of the image; a "thumbnail" version at 88 x 88 pixels, and a larger version to link to.

Please attempt to keep larger images under 1MB, smaller images under 10k. E-mail submissions to Vivek Narsimhan, APS-DFD Website Development Officer.

Additional images and videos of fluid flow can be found at the DFD Gallery of Fluid Motion.