Prizes & Awards

François Frenkiel Award for Fluid Mechanics

The Division of Fluid Dynamics awards The François Frenkiel Award to young investigators in recognition of significant contributions to Fluid Mechanics that have also been published during the previous year in Physical Review Fluids. Eligible authors must have not more than 12 years of full-time employment after their most advanced academic degree was awarded, prior to the paper’s year of publication. The selection of the winner is determined by the Frenkiel Award Committee and is presented each year at the DFD Annual Meeting in November. The annual award consists of $1,000 ($500 each for multiple authors), a certificate citing the accomplishment, and an allowance for registration (all authors) and travel (presenting author) to attend the annual meeting.


2022: Nikhil Desai and Sébastien Michelin. "Instability and self-propulsion of active droplets along a wall", Phys. Rev. Fluids 6, 114103 (2021) DOI:

2021: Rodolfo Brandão and Ory Schnitzer. “Spontaneous dynamics of two-dimensional Leidenfrost wheels”, Phys. Rev. Fluids 5, 091601(R)(2020) DOI:

2020: Matthew Butler, Finn Box, Thomas Robert, and Dominic Vella. "Elasto-capillary adhesion: Effect of deformability on adhesion strength and detachment", Phys. Rev. Fluids 4, 033601 (2019)

2019: Thomasina Ball and Jerome Neufeld. "Static and Dynamic Fluid Driven Fracturing of Adhered Elastica", Physical Review Fluids 3, 074101 (2018)

2018: Alberto Villois, Davide Proment, and Giorgio Krstulovic. “Universal and nonuniversal aspects of vortex reconnections in superfluids” Physical Review Fluids 2, 044701 (2017)

2017: Charles Loussert, Anne Bouchaudy, and Jean-Baptiste Salmon. “Drying dynamics of a charged colloidal dispersion in a confined drop”, Physical Review Fluids 1, 084201 (2016)

2016: Alexei Y. Poludnenko, “Pulsating instability and self-acceleration of fast turbulent flames”, Physics of Fluids27, 014106 (2015)

2015: Diego Lopez and Eric Lauga, “Dynamics of swimming bacteria at complex interfaces”, Physics of Fluids26, 071902 (2014)

2014: Benjamin D. Mater, Simon M. Schaad and Subhas Karan Venayagamoorthy, “Relevance of the Thorpe length scale in stably stratified turbulence,” Physics of Fluids 25, 076604 (2013)

2013: Diego A. Donzis, “Shock structure in shock-turbulence interactions,” Physics of Fluids 24, 126101 (2012)

2012: Thomas Cubaud, Bibin M. Jose and Samira Darvishi, “Folded micro-threads: Role of viscosity and interfacial tension,” Physics of Fluids 23, 042002 (2011)

2011: R. Mejia-Alvarez and K. T. Christensen (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), “Low-order representations of irregular surface roughness and their impact on a turbulent boundary layer”, Physics of Fluids 22, 015106 (2010)

2010: Edwin F. Greco and Roman O. Grigoriev, Georgia Institute of Technology “Thermocapillary migration of interfacial droplets.” Physics of Fluids 21, 042105 (2009)

2009: Aditya S. Khair & Todd M. Squires University of California at Santa Barbara “Fundamental aspects of concentration polarization arising from nonuniform electrokinetic transport” Physics of Fluids 20, 087102 (2008)

2008: Jonathan B. Freund: "Leukocyte Margination in a Model Microvessel," Physics of Fluids, 19 023301 (2007).

2007: Re’em Sari: "First and second type self-similar solutions of implosions and explosions containing ultrarelativistic shocks," Physics of Fluids, 18, 027106 (2006).

2006: J. Skotheim & L. Mahadevan: “Soft Lubrication: the elastohydrodynamics of conforming and non-conforming contacts.” Physics of Fluids 17 092101 (2005).

2005: Roberto Verzicco: “ Effects of nonperfect thermal sources in turbulent thermal convection,” Physics of Fluids, 16, pp. 1965 (2004).

2004: Michael D. Graham : “Interfacial hoop stress and instability of viscoelastic free surface flows,” Physics of Fluids, 15, pp. 1702-1710 (2003).

2003: Maxime Nicolas: “Experimental study of gravity-driven dense suspension jets,” Physics of Fluids, 14, pp. 3570-3576 (2002).

2002: Jonathan Rothstein and Gareth H. McKinley: “Non-isothermal modification of purely elastic flow instabilities in torsional flows of polymeric fluids,” Physics of Fluids, 13, pp. 382-396 (2001).

2001: Stefano Cerutti and Charles Meneveau: "Statistics of filtered velocity in grid and wake turbulence," Physics of Fluids 12, pp. 1143-1165 (2000).

2000: Michael P. Brenner: "Screening mechanisms for sedimentation," Physics of Fluids 11, pp. 754-772 (1999).

1999: Anne D. Dussaud and Sandra Marina Troian "Dynamics of spontaneous spreading with evaporation on a deep fluid layer," Physics of Fluids 10, pp. 23-38 (1998).

1998: Thomas Yizhao Hou , John Lowengrub and Michael Shelley "The long-time motion of vortex sheets with surface tension," Physics of Fluids 9, pp. 1933-1954 (1997).

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1991: Hsueh-Chia Chang and Minquan Q. Cheng: "A generailized sideband stability theory via center manifold projection," Physics of Fluids A 2, pp. 1364-1379 (1990).

1990: Juan C. Lasheras and Benigno J. L�zaro: "Particle dispersion in a turbulent, plane, free shear layer," Physics of Fluids A 1, pp. 1035-1044 (1989).

1989: Eric S.G. Shaqfeh: "A nonlocal theory for the heat transport in composites containing highly conducting fibrous inclusions," Physics of Fluids 31, pp. 2405-2425 (1988).

1988: Donald Lyle Koch: "Attenuation of a compressional sound wave in the presence of a fractal boundary," Physics of Fluids 30, pp. 2922-2927 (1987).

1987: Saleh Tanveer: "The effect of surface tension on the shape of a Hele-Shaw cell bubble," Physics of Fluids 29, pp. 3537-3548 (1986).

1986: Sanjiva K. Lele: "A consistency condition for Reynolds stress closures," Physics of Fluids 28, pp. 64-68 (1985).

1985: John C. Neu: "The Dynamics of a Columnar Vortex in an Imposed Strain," Physics of Fluids 27, pp. 2397-2402 (1984).

1984: Eric Herbolzheimer: "Stability of the Flow During Sedimentation in Inclined Channels," Physics of Fluids 26, pp. 2043-2054 (1983).

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