About Division of Chemical Physics

The Division of Chemical Physics, established in 1950, exists to provide a forum for those who work to understand a broad range of chemical systems, from atomic collisions to complex materials, in terms of the behavior of the individual atoms and particles that make up the system.

Why Join DCP?

Membership in the American Physical Society's Division of Chemical Physics ($10 for APS members; free for APS student members if DCP is one of their two divisional memberships) allows you to directly support a primary forum for chemical physics research. DCP membership provides the following benefits:

  1. Advance notice of programs of invited and contributed presentations for the APS March meeting.
  2. Announcements of other divisional functions and of news of the field through periodic newsletters, email announcements, and the DCP homepage.
  3. Eligibility to be considered for APS Fellowship by the DCP Fellowship Committee.
  4. Opportunity to serve the Division and the APS through elected offices and appointed committees of the Division
  5. Opportunity for graduate students of advisors who are DCP members to apply for travel awards to the APS March Meeting.

Divisional status within the APS is recognition of the stature of the field of chemical physics within the physics community. In addition, divisional status provides the field with direct representation on the APS Council. The APS periodically reviews its criteria for units to retain their divisional status, including number of members. Increasing DCP membership is crucial to preserving this important professional asset.